New Whirlpool Baths available at Bella Bathrooms

Whirlpool Baths available at Bella Bathrooms

We now stock new whirlpool baths from Moods providing you with the ultimate touch of luxury for your bathroom. The new products feature the latest Wellness Whirlpool Systems with built in hydrotherapy technology to create the ultimate touch of luxury to any bathing experience. The systems are amazing for multiple health related functions such as the reduction in stress and muscle tension as well as an improved level of circulation and reduction in heart rate. All benefits not only feature the overall experience but improve the lifestyle of those that use it. If that’s not enough, each bath can be equipped with different technological features such as a sound system so you can sit back and relax whilst listening to calm, relaxing music. Within the new whirlpool baths, a soothing champagne effect creates a brilliant experience for relaxation.

Other options available in the new Moods Whirlpool Systems is the airspa system that features 12 air jets positioned on the bath base to provide the most luxurious feeling possible. The ability to add lights is another option that home owners can buy and this is designed to add a unique sense of design and style. Various colour options are available to help you match with the interior décor the suite features. This option is extremely useful for those wanting to brighten up a room and add something different. If certain areas of the body need more attention when bathing, the ability to select the angle of effect is great for selecting specific locations. The highest unit available features a chromatherapy system equipped with seven lights and 21 chrome fixed and directional jets. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our amazing range of baths and gave your suite the ultimate touch of style every bathroom deserves.

Moods Whirlpool Bath