New Year, New Bathroom – In 5 Easy Steps

Yet another year has flown by and we are already in 2018! Crazy, right? We swear it was 2008 only 5 minutes ago … So not only are we feeling a little bit down about how fast time is flying, but our bank accounts are in anger after the Christmas splurge. Therefore, a Bathroom renovation (as needed as it may be) is just not in the question. However, we have some good news! – We’ve come up with some affordable ways you can actually have a New Year, New Bathroom without breaking the bank! (or having to rip everything out). Read on for all you need to know.

Paint The Walls & Vanities 

colour collage

Yep, seems like an obvious one but adding a slick of paint will make all the difference to your bathroom. You’ve probably even got tins of the stuff hidden in the garage so you may not even need to buy any! Painting your vanities is another way to update your bathroom, we even made a post about how to paint your vanity unit.

Update The Taps


We have taps from just £8 so updating them is definitely an affordable option! Get rid of the rusty taps for a new fresh feel in your bathroom, and try some quirky tap designs.

Add Some Shelves


Putting up some shelves with not all only change the look of your bathroom, but it will allow you to tidy up your bathroom and hide away any clutter. Try different shapes and materials for a unique look. See our post on other storage solutions for your bathroom that you’re bound to love.


towels new year

We don’t doubt you had many guests especially over the festive period, so your towels and bath mats may be looking a little worse for wear. Most home stores and even supermarkets offer a luxurious and affordable range of towels and bath mats, so you can add some new comfort to your bathroom without feeling the financial burden.

Lighten Up 

bathroom lightin

Changes to the lighting in your bathroom is a great way to change the whole look of your bathroom. Whether you just buy a new style of light bulb or add dimming lights, you will love the change of atmosphere and feel like you have a new bathroom.

We have a fantastic selection of those all important finishing touches that can truly have a big impact on your bathroom.  For minimal effort you can achieve quite a dramatic result. Tweet us your own bathroom improvement ideas @BellaBathrooms.