New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

New Years resolution for the Home

If you’re setting yourself some resolutions for 2015, why not include some that focus on your home? Here are just a few resolution ideas that you can adopt, which may enable you to reach your other personal goals during the year, such as having more time to spend with the family and saving more.

Home Resolutions:

1. I will keep my home clean & tidy

This resolution focuses on creating a welcoming and healthy home environment so that your friends and family can drop in and enjoy your company at any time of year. It can be as simple as implementing a 10-minute tidy-up routine at the end of each day, where toys are tided away, the dishwasher is loaded, sofa cushions are straightened and toiletries are put away in the bathroom cabinet. Having a tidy home to begin with will make the time you
spend cleaning easier and therefore quicker!

Maintain your Home

2. I will maintain my home

Janaury is a good time to keep an eye out for all those niggling little jobs that you want to do around the house but never got round to doing in 2014. Make yourself a list and set to work to tackle one job each the weekend, such as touching up scuffed paint in the hallway, replacing the silicone around the bath, cleaning the window frames or filling old picture hook holes. If you do all the small jobs now, you’re saving time by preventing them from turning into bigger jobs! This will make your home look even more welcoming, clean and cosy when guests visit you over the coming year.

Declutter your Bathroom

3. I will declutter

All homes in interior design magazines look so fabulous because they don’t have any clutter. So the key here is to clear out what you don’t want, need or love, and invest in suitable storage so that things you are keeping can be stored out of sight. A simple basket or cabinet in the bathroom can keep toiletries tidy, and putting up some coat hooks in the hallway can help keep bags and coats neat and easy to find. Sell any unwanted clutter to make a bit of extra cash to add to your savings this year!

By including your home within your New Year’s Resolutions you’ll be able to keep your surroundings clean and clutter-free; saving time, money and stress during 2015. Let us know what resolutions for your home you’ll be making for 2015 – we’d love to hear from you, tweet us @BellaBathrooms