Pearlstone Shower Trays – A New Era of Showering

The Pearlstone Shower Tray range from Premier brings strength, stunning design and practicality for your bathroom. Furthermore you can purchase them for an unbelievably affordable price. Made from a strong and durable Pearlstone Matrix which consists of polyurethane resin and volcanic ash. They are then capped in acrylic making these shower trays are not only solid, but also surprisingly light. To be more specific, these Pearlstone shower trays are up to 50% lighter than the conventional stone resin trays. This makes them much safer and easier to handle during installation. Specially designed to be easy to fit any bathroom the Pearlstone Matrix has screw retention. This is so the feet that are from the leg set can be screwed straight onto the base of the shower tray. (Please Note: Feet for leg set are sold separately). Not only this, but the Pearlstone Shower Trays also have a flat underside to make installation and leveling especially easy.

Pearlstone Shower Trays

Pearlstone Shower Trays – Why Choose this Shower Tray Design?

Although they have a distinctive easy-to-fit design, the technology of their construction is not compromised. A mix of polyurethane resin combined with volcanic ash creates a reliable, strong tray which brings trustworthy quality for many years of happy showering. They are manufactured to ensure no shrinking, warping or twisting occurs with even the largest of trays. You can be confident these Pearlstone shower trays will be a highly durable addition to your bathroom. To complete the ultimate minimalist look, Pearlstone trays are just 40mm high. Making them one of the sleekest ranges available and ideal for a contemporary bathroom. These slimline shower trays fit perfectly into a modern wet room, walk in shower, shower enclosure or en suite design with neat elegance and a stylish, sophisticated design. As well as being slimline the trays are also extremely lightweight again making them easier to manoeuvre and fit.

Choosing a Pearlstone Shower Tray:

These Pearlstone shower trays are produced in a range of different sizes to meet the exact needs of your bathroom space. All shapes are catered for from simple square designs to the more opulent offset quadrant designs. Subsequently you can choose a Pearlstone tray as the ideal shower base for any number of different enclosure styles. To give you unbeatable confidence in your shower tray, they also come with a lifetime guarantee. So, if in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, your shower tray is fully backed.