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Planning your new dream Bathroom Suite

Planning your new dream Bathroom Suite

Moods-Neroli-SuiteCreating your ideal bathroom doesn’t need to be as stressful as you first feared, the most important aspect when creating your dream bathroom suite is forward planning, making sure you take into account space for your fixtures and space required for them to function properly, nobody wants there shower opening onto their toilet.

When choosing your bathroom suite it is good to decide on a style or design so the bathroom fittings and furniture flow together. There are various styles of bathrooms to choose from, but the two main choices are a traditional style or a modern contemporary finish which involves clean lines and simple fixtures and fixtures where as traditional style involves more gold fixtures and ornate features.

To start to plan your bathroom you should design a rough outline of your bathroom including key features such as bath, shower, toilet and sink after the important fixtures are put it in you can then see how much space you have to use for added furniture and features so as not to overcrowd your bathroom. Before installation of the main fixtures is the time to decide on extra luxuries such as under floor heating and any ambient lighting you want added.

Bathroom ArtThe final decision when creating your dream bathroom is the budget. There are many affordable bathrooms suites of a high quality at affordable prices. A new bathroom doesn’t have to drain your savings away, as long as you are clear are about what you want you can achieve your luxurious bathroom at any cost. Don’t forget to include extras such as taps, wastes and essential bathroom accessories into your budget so there are no hidden surprises and don’t be afraid to shop about as there are always bargains to be had.