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10 Clever and Quirky Bathroom Ideas

Are you struggling a bit with quirky bathroom ideas? Whether you’ve got a large or small bathroom, it’s key to map out everything you want to include in your bathroom design before you begin. Here at Bella Bathrooms, we have the perfect combination of budget prices with designer-level collection ranges, so we have the perfect things to show you, no matter the colours or decor you’re looking for.

Our 10 clever ideas for bathrooms will provide something for everyone; whether you’re a millennial with a swanky apartment or a family man wanting to give the kids their dream bathroom suite. Follow our recommendations for all the information you’ll need to find the perfect quirky ideas for your bathroom.

Clever and Quirky Ideas for the Bathroom

Hudson Reed Winterburn Roll Top Bath with Shower Screen

We hope you find something you’re looking for in the content below. We’ve tried to compile a collection of handy tips, from style suggestions to storage ideas, in order to help you find the bathroom ideas that work for your room of choice.

1. Ladder as a Towel Rail

Number one on the list of our bathroom ideas is to use a ladder for a towel rail. Now, you’d be surprised by the ways in which people are able to bring rustic chic to their homes.

Your bathroom door may as well be a barn door with this fabulous tip; just cut your ladder to size, give it a quick clean and sand – maybe even a paint job – and voil√†! You’ve got the rustic features you could’ve only dreamed of… to give your bathroom that barnyard look.

Looking for Suggestions

Top tip: to find inspiration for your home’s designs, look at others’ comments¬†under blog posts, for example.

People often speak their minds and give you access to top tips they’ve used in their home, giving a flair for flamboyant design… some even re-purpose a bicycle as a sink!

2. Wall Art

Another top tip of ours in quirky bathroom ideas is to use some wall art. Bathrooms are functional places, filled with a bathtub or shower, but there’s no reason this functional space can’t look the part!

Adorn your bathroom walls with any prints or paintings lying around the house; who knows, you could curate your bathroom collection.

This way, you can add a personal touch to your bathroom, curating the walls to look how you feel they should. If you’re into wall art or enjoy adding a few decorative features, this can be a brilliant idea.

Emphasise Existing Fixtures

These art pieces can even frame existing fixtures and fittings, helping to emphasise the form of some of your bathroom furniture. For example, adding a variety of prints on the wall behind your tub can draw attention to this space… and give you something pretty to look at in the bubble bath!

3. Wall Tiles

contemporary minimalist bathroom with two round mirrors and wooden frame. natural stacked black matte stone wall with large black matte tiles. two rectangular white wash basins are on top of the long wooden cabinet with white doors. large white matte floor tiles. wooden floor tiles in walk-in shower. ceiling strip cove lighting with embedded spotlights.

Our third tip is to jazz up your bathroom design by way of the tile… if you’re using plain, conventional wall tiles (which, by the way, are classic and stylish in their own right), why not do something different with them across your walls? Many customers like to spell something out with their tiles on the wall, like a name or funny message.

Some even enjoy adding motivational quotes here and there to help bring light to your morning routine. This is perhaps one of our favourite recommendations in this article because it’s a lovely thing for visitors to spot, even from the bathroom entrance.

Tiles and Paint Jobs

However, if this sort of kitschy cuteness isn’t your thing, you could always play with a combination of paint jobs on the wall and tiles. Half tiled, full tiled; the world is truly your oyster. You could match your paint job to the tiles or choose contrasting colours.

4. Shower Curtains

Our fourth suggestion is taking you back to retro times with your shower curtain… one of our favourite quirky bathroom ideas is to give life to your designs using the shower curtain. With such easy features, a shower curtain is a brilliant way to add a vintage feel to your bathroom by choosing a curtain with a loud pattern.

Beware – this is certainly an acquired taste, so we won’t blame you if you don’t use this tip. However, it can be a great way to use colour and patterns to give your bathroom added freshness… if you’re unsure, why not scout some images from another website before deciding?

Who knows, you could love the effect that a vintage curtain gives you.

5. Tropical Prints

Our fifth suggestion is an absolute treat! If you’re into maximalism rather than minimalism, this will be everything you could’ve dreamed of. Scrap the minimalist white, why not go for something tropical?

This fun print is perfect to use in different areas of the bathroom; you could find some tropical wallpaper, maybe use a bright colour palette of paint to match, or even choose a tropical motif for your shower curtain or storage basket. Transport yourself abroad with your towels or even your floor tiles.

How to Incorporate Tropical Prints

The possibilities are limitless; there are many ways to add a tropical feel to your bathroom, whether through furniture or decorative items. And if you want to go all out, why not buy some leafy tropical plants to match? Adorn your windows with a Monstera or two – a bathroom is a perfect location for these low-maintenance plants.

Our favourite tip is to wallpaper the room halfway, then paint the bottom half with a matching bright colour.

6. Mirror Shapes

Next on our list of bathroom tips is to alternate mirror shapes! Everybody loves a quirky mirror to gaze into when standing at the sink. Mirror shapes can make or break a bathroom – if you’re a fan of jazzy wallpapers and want to use this in your bathroom space, you can also incorporate a bathroom mirror that complements the shape of the wallpaper.

This is an exciting way to bring aesthetic order and harmony to the room – by building a collection of complementary shapes.

Complete the Look

The furniture in your bathroom needs to be a complete part of the room layout. These accents are a brilliant example of where this applies! Ensure you’ve got your choice of looking glass in the right location for extra dramatic effect.

7. Storage Space


As we get nearer to the end of our list of bathroom tips, it’s time to talk about storage. Storage is amongst the most important features you’ll see mentioned on this page or, for that matter, any page. Storage is key, whether in your bathroom or a different room in the house.

A bathroom offers a lot of potential for storage, and people often forget this because they’re so caught up in finding the right collection of furniture and fixtures. You could easily turn this part into a floor-to-ceiling storage area if you have a spare wall or a handy niche.

Wall Niches

A wall niche is a great thought for storage; you could even install a small spotlight in this area of the room to draw attention to decorative accents; whether it’s a towel shelf or a toiletry storage area for all of your luxury items.

8. Chandelier Ceiling Lights

Before we proceed to the rest of the list, let’s talk lighting. And what better way to embellish your lighting than to pop in a chandelier?

A chandelier is a great tip for adding luxury to your bathroom, especially if other areas of the house are considerably high-class and you want to keep this theme going. Whilst you could install this vibe with furniture such as a fancy vanity sink, a chandelier is a great luxury addition to any room without taking up more floor space.

Further Tips for Luxurious Lighting

If you’re looking for a modern take on luxury, try installing some large windows and lighting for maximum luxury. You’ll find all sorts of luxury accessories and lighting options on our site. The floor is yours…

9. Quirky Features and Accessories

bathroom accessories

Our penultimate suggestion is for all of you accessory lovers out there… it’s accessories time! The best method of complementing a paint job or colour scheme in your bathroom is adding quirky accessories.

This goes hand in hand with getting creative with storage space; find new ways to stack your towels or clear up clutter from your floor. We’ve got an array of suggestion posts on this site, so you won’t be stuck for inspiration.

Adding Quirkiness to Minimalism

If you’re a fan of white paint jobs, why not add pops of colour with funky bathroom accessories? This might even be a cost-cutting tip if you don’t want to add colour via an expensive paint job and appreciate understated white paint on walls…

10. Chalkboard Mirrors

Well done for making it to the end of the list! Here’s our final tip, which involves a back-to-school favourite: the blackboard. A blackboard, or chalkboard, is used by many as an alternative to looking glasses…

The thought behind this is so you can start your day with a positive message instead of fawning over your appearance – and you can easily leave a message on the blackboard for the next person who enters to see.

What a novelty thought. It’s bound to bring happiness and cheerfulness to your homes.


How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

You can use many techniques to add a little luxury to your bathroom. Our personal favourites are:

  • A minimalist paint job with colours such as beige or white
  • Chandelier lighting
  • Accessories, such as a leafy plant

These suggestions are bound to add that little bit of suave sophistication to your shower room. Why not also try looking for different classy flooring options, such as marble tiles?

How do I decorate a small bathroom?

We hope the suggestions above have given you some quality choices for decorating a small bathroom. With small bathrooms, space is an extra important feature that you’ll want to be conscious of. Here are three top tips for decor that creates illusions of spaciousness:

  • Light paint colours
  • Horizontal floor tiles
  • Ample natural lighting

What’s trending in bathrooms in 2024?

It would seem that 2024 is the year of luxury for many… some of the top trends of this year all include some very luxurious elements, such as:

  • Deep soaking tubs
  • Brass finishes, i.e. with taps
  • Marble elements

How can I make my bathroom look nice for cheap?

Thankfully, our website has the perfect range of furniture and accessories to jazz up your home spaces. From small cloakrooms to larger powder rooms, whatever your needs – we have it covered on a budget.

Our top tip to cut costs is to search for suite packages rather than individual furniture; you’ll find that this gives a more fluid aesthetic for cheaper.