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Radiator or Towel Rail? Bathroom Heating Choices

Radiator or Towel Rail?

Anyone fitting a new bathroom or even sprucing up an existing bathroom will have plenty of decisions to make. Is a chrome square fixed shower head the way to go? Do taps need to be updated? What accent colour should be used for towels and accessories? How much tiling is enough? Should I choose a radiator or towel rail?Black Towel Rail One of the most important questions for many is whether they will install a cool designer radiator or a stylish heated towel rail within their bathroom. There are a great number of things to consider when making this choice. In this handy guide, we examine the pros and cons of radiators and towel rails. In addition, we will discuss the function and purpose of both bathroom heating options to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

What is the Purpose of a Heated Towel Rail or Bathroom Radiator?

Towel rails and radiators function in essentially the same way. Hot water enters them from one side, travels through the pipes and warms them up en-route, then exits the other way. Even electric radiators and towel rails have basically the same function. However, you will find towel rails give off slightly less heat than radiators. This is because they are used specifically to warm towels rather than whole rooms. Stainless Steel Towel Rail

Towel rails can also be solely electric or powered by ‘dual fuel’. This versatile option means that the rail is largely powered by an electric element. This allows easy and fast heating and cooling. It is also connected to the hot water central heating system so that it comes on whenever the heating does. This option means the towel rail can still be used in summer when the central heating is largely switched off.

Points to consider

What do you want the Radiator or Towel Rail for?

The main point to consider when choosing between the two isn't necessarily the function they perform, but the purpose they fulfil. For example, those who wake up early in the morning for work may not wish to fire up a full central heating system simply to warm their towel in anticipation of a morning shower. Electric Radiator Similarly, those who only make use of their bathroom in the evening when the heating is on anyway, or have a particularly well insulated home, might not need to invest in a towel rail. Large bathrooms might benefit from the extra heat that a radiator provides. Whilst smaller bathrooms can often cope just fine with only the towel rail installed.

What Look are you going for?

Aesthetically, many people consider the towel rail the more fashionable and attractive option. View our range of bathroom towel rails to see the endless choices of towel rails available. Their sleek construction and often shiny exterior gives any bathroom an ultra-glossy appearance. A stainless steel towel rowel or chrome alternative is effortlessly stylish and will slip seamlessly into most styles of interior. Towel rails are typically slim line and affixed to the wall at any choice of height. Therefore a rail can add extra functionality to smaller bathrooms or shower rooms without taking up valuable floor space. Column Radiators

Although many still picture radiators as bulky, unsightly and difficult to work with in an interior design sense, this could not be further from the truth. Designer radiators are now just as sleek as any heated towel rail. They can add an element of glossy, high-end luxury to any bathroom. Choose a stylish designer radiator from our extensive range. For bigger spaces or homes that suffer from poor insulation a smooth horizontal radiator can add both polish and comfort.

As you can see there are pros and cons to both radiators and towel rails. Therefore it is entirely up to you which you select depending on your type of home and the look you are aiming to create. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a fantastic variety of heating solutions that will not only look fantastic in your bathroom but match that with top quality and performance.