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Reasons to buy Aluminium Radiators

Reasons to buy Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium RadiatorsAluminium towel rails and radiators are often desired over most towel rails such as stainless steel. This is because they are made from a very lightweight metal. The aluminium material is well known for the heat conducting properties. This proves useful in large bathrooms, by heating the less commonly used areas of the room. Aluminium radiators and towel rails are considered the most eco-friendly options when it comes to radiating heat for any room of the house at a rapid rate.

The aluminium radiators hold one fifth of the usual water content of a radiator. This allows them to radiate around 15% more heat output. Big brand bathroom companies are now utilising this feature to create a high efficiency radiators with low water content. Therefore allowing for comfort at a low running cost for the central heating.

Aluminium Radiators - Designs

Towel warmers and radiators could be described as a smaller detail or accessory within the bathroom. It is because they will have the ability to stand out brighten the room without the eye taking much notice. Without a radiator the room would be incomplete because everyone wants a warm towel on a cold winter’s morning. On the market there is no other radiator or towel rail which can beat the aluminium finishes. They will be better value for money plus give you enhanced heat output.

Aluminium radiators are available in a whole host of different finishes. Chrome or grey are popular choices whilst the traditional white finish is ideal for creating a light finish in your room. For the ultimate designer finish opt for a sleek black aluminium radiator.

Bella Bathrooms now have a huge range of designer aluminium towel rails and radiators online. Our friendly customer service team are here to offer a helping hand with any question you have to ask about our products. You may also find our blog useful to help you select the ideal heating source for your bathroom.