Create a Romantic Spa in Your Own Bathroom

Long term relationships and marriages can often wilt after years of happiness due to a lack of everyday romance. Hectic work schedules, family life and an unhealthy work/life balance are common reasons, but small romantic gestures made with minimal time and effort can really make a huge difference. Few people have time for grand displays of affection and if they do they don’t come often; here are a few simple ideas for romantic gestures you can easily fit into your daily routine.

These acts of romance are important to keep any relationship sizzling, and it really isn’t hard to remind the one you love just how much you care. Whilst being wined and dined is certainly enjoyable, it isn’t necessary on a regular basis to venture out on a public date when there are plenty of passionate opportunities waiting in the comfort of your own home. Apply any of these simple romantic gestures to reignite the spark in your relationship, and rekindle the feeling of falling in love all those years ago.

What small gestures can you make?

Romantic Bathroom

Hold Hands

Remember back in the day when just holding hands would make your heart explode? Especially if you have young children your hands may not always be available, but the short moments when they are, hold on to your partner’s. Whether it’s watching TV, waiting for dinner to be ready or saying a rushed goodbye, holding hands is the first and foremost way to connect and say ‘I love you.’

Leave Loving Messages

Leaving surprising declarations of love around the house in different formats can brighten someone’s day. From post-it notes, texts, voice mails and sealed letters, it is nice to feel appreciated and have contact other than “What’s for dinner?” or “Working late tonight.” If you need inspiration just write one of the many reasons you love him or her, or a funny memory you share together which will make them smile.

Celebrate Everything

Life has many highs and lows, so as a couple it’s important to grasp the highs and savour every minute. Celebrating can mean anything from opening a bottle of wine to cooking your partner’s favourite meal, but it’s important to commemorate any positive news. Personal achievements, work promotions, birthdays and anniversaries; take advantage of everything kin your relationship.

Make More Morning Time

The average weekday consists of getting ready yourselves, getting the kids ready, a rushed breakfast and school run before heading into work to start a busy day yourself. That leaves little time for talking and cuddling, and by the end of the day you’re often too tired to connect then too. The solution? Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, and make that crucial time to communicate with your other half. Even if it’s just a sleepy cuddle and a brief overview of one another’s day ahead, you won’t spend a whole day having not spoken a word before 7pm.

Make Them a Sanctuary

One of the sweetest romantic gestures you can make in the home is to treat your special someone to a relaxing night in a homemade spa. Run them a hot bath with their favourite luxury toiletries and make a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom with candles. Add small touches to your bathroom suite to give the feeling of luxury. For an extra special thoughtful touch, pour a glass of their favourite tipple and place their favourite book or magazine next to the bath for them to unwind with. Alternatively, join your lover in the bath if you are lucky enough to have a slipper bath!

How to Create a Romantic Spa Retreat in the Bathroom:

Valentines Candles

1. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere

Firstly, start with a thorough clean of the bathroom suite and put away any products that are hanging around in order to give you a blank canvas in which to create your romantic spa. Keep the room warm, run a deep bath, dim the lights or use candles to create a cosy glow.

Valentines Champers

2. Indulge the senses

Scent plays a big part in the ambience of luxury spas so consider this when planning your surprise. Light scented candles, warm aromatic oils in a burner and arrange a bunch of delicately perfumed roses in a vase – even sprinkle some petals into the bath water to make the room look even more romantic. Pop open some bubbly and enjoy a glass of wine while you relax in the bath and prepare some chocolate-dipped strawberries to nibble on throughout the day. Create a calming playlist of instrumental tracks and include some of your favourite love songs to ramp up the romance.

Valentines Bath Bombs

3. Luxurious products

Create a hamper of gorgeous luxury bath products that you can use during the spa day, including a body scrub, cleansing massage oil, face packs and creamy bath bombs. Your loved one can continue to use the hamper throughout the year which will remind them of the romantic day you spent together.

Valentines Towels

4. What to wear

Spas feel so luxurious because they have plenty of big fluffy towels , white dressing gowns and cosy slippers to relax in between treatments so recreate this at home by fluffing up your towels in the tumble dryer with some dryer balls and hang them on a heated towel rail ready for use. Treat your loved one to a soft new dressing gown, and buy a couple of pairs of towelling slippers to pop in the product hamper to complete the spa effect.

The effort you put into all these preparations will show your loved one just how much you care for them and will create a relaxing treat for you both. A couple of hours spent in your homemade romantic spa will do wonders for your mind and body, energize you both, and will kick-start an enjoyable romantic weekend for you and your special someone.