Saniflo – Latest technology for compact lifting stations

Typically bathrooms and toilets within households have a singular soil pipe to take the waste away, usually at the back of the house. Often people want to add new facilities to their houses, often in places which aren’t the most practical. Adding an en-suite bathroom, giving the loft extension its own toilet or even adding a downstairs toilet can prove a challenge if you’ve not got the pipe work fitted already.  Technology has allowed us to create clever machines known as compact lifting stations or macerators for those places within a house where the pipe work does not reach.

Saniflo, world renowned for their macerators, are constantly striving to provide you the customer with an ever-more innovative product. Updating, upgrading and releasing their products all the time, they have developed methods of moving waste liquids through pipe work both horizontally and vertically. Conventional pipe work takes the waste away through a gravity fed system of pipe work, whereas the Saniflo Macerators take the waste away by pumping it.

If you’re looking for an extra toilet in your house, a shower room for guests or simply want to add a basin to a bathroom without the messy pipework, then take a look at our useful range of Saniflo products.