Save Water This Summer. Top 5 Reasons To Shower!

Who doesn’t love a rejuvenating shower at the end of a hard day or a refreshing shower to start the day? The shower is becoming a popular luxury item in the bathroom as people embrace their love of more advanced showers. For a long time now it has been well known that taking a shower over a bath is more economical in terms of water usage. An average bath uses around 80 litres of hot water as opposed to an 8 minute shower only using 62 litres of hot water. Consider how much more water that would mean a family of four was using over the course of the year. It’s easy to see why showers are becoming the bathroom staple. We think there are lots of reasons why showering can be beneficial in your quest to save water this summer.

Top 5 Reasons To Shower:

1. Save Time

We get little enough sunshine here in Britain so why waste your time inside bathing when you could be out enjoying the summer? The average shower time is 8 minutes. Why not try to reduce this to make time for more fun activities this summer? If you add a shower timer to your shower enclosure you can see how much time you are actually wasting in there. Local water companies, in our case Northumbrian Water, offer free water saving kits which include these timers. These timers are sand timers that have a suction pad to stick inside your shower. Once inside the shower flick the timer round. See if you can finish your shower before the sand all runs into the bottom. These typically last 4 minutes so if you can stick to it not only are you halving the time you shower but also halving the amount of water you are using.

2. Saving Money

Who doesn’t want to save themselves a little cash where possible? If showering uses less water than a bath then generally speaking it will always save you money over bathing. However you can take this even further by choosing a shower head that will use less water but still give you the same performance. Low flow shower heads are inexpensive to buy. Especially when you compare it to the amount you will then save on water bills especially if you are on a water metre! Mira Eco 3 Spray Chrome Shower HeadHere at Bella Bathrooms one of our top shower companies Mira has a number of low flow shower heads and shower units to help you reduce your shower costs. We particularly like the Mira Eco 3 Spray Water Saving Shower Head in Chrome as it is not only water efficient but it is extremely stylish too. It features three different aerating full coverage spray patterns. This can save you up to 75% on your water usage but still match it with great performance and give you an invigorating shower experience. What more could you wish for a luxury shower that won’t cost you a fortune to run?

3. Save Water

It is a luxury that we take for granted to have clean hot and cold water on tap (excuse the pun!) but we should use it sparingly wherever possible. Back in the day a showering technique was used called ‘Shower Navy Style’. This was developed by the Navy to save water on the ship as only so much water could be held on board. This technique involved getting yourself wet all over and then turning the shower off. You then would cover yourself in shampoo and soap wherever you required before turning the shower back on to rinse it off. Showering like this can help you to save thousands of litres of water a year. Indeed by literally saving water going down the drain! This might not be for everyone who likes to indulge in their showering time. Especially in the winter, but it could be worth a try in the summer months when you can sometimes be too hot when showering! Also make sure you have no leaks in your shower hose or that the shower head doesn’t drip as this can be slowly losing you water on a daily basis.

4. Waste Water Can Be Reused Elsewhere in the Home

This again won’t be useful for everyone but if you have an electric shower that takes a while to warm then why not try to save the excess cold water? How many times have you switched the shower on and then been distracted by something else? Just think of all the water that is flowing away while it waits for you to get in. Why not try placing a container in the shower to catch this excess water whilst you wait for it to warm. This water will come in handy this summer to use for other jobs such as cleaning in the home or watering the plants in your garden? Suddenly this water is no longer a waste. To alleviate this problem there is now a product that aims to reduce this effect. Showerstart is a clever device that actually pauses your shower once it has got to temperature. This reduces the waste water as the water flow reduces the warmer it gets before stopping altogether once it gets to temperature. Once you are ready to get in you flick a small switch and the shower will resume at your chosen temperature.

5. Become More Eco-friendly?

All of the above reasons will help you to become more eco-friendly as you are becoming aware of the amount of water you are potentially wasting will make you think twice about your showering habits. Reducing your shower times will in turn reduce your home utility bills. Even if you have a style of shower that is expensive to run halving your showering time will also impact on your heating or electricity bills. In terms of reducing your energy consumption electric showers tend to be most efficient as they only heat the water that is used. Croydex Shower Flow Regulator PackIf you have a mixer shower which tends to be less energy efficient try adding a shower flow regulator which will help to reduce the flow and therefore be more efficient. This Croydex Shower Flow Regulator Pack offers three different flow regulators to help reduce the shower flow accordingly. The green one in particular can save you up to 6 litres a minute which again over a week’s showering is quite a considerable amount of water.

So there you have it choose to shower this summer and see how it can benefit you in many ways. More time and money to spend out in the sunshine (we can hope!) whilst helping to be more environmentally friendly. If we can all make small changes we can make a massive difference for the future. Save water and benefit in many ways.