Selecting the right type of Shower Enclosure

One of the most important decisions within the bathroom is selecting the right type of shower enclosure you want to buy from our extensive range. As shower enclosures are increasing in popularity is isn’t a surprise to realise that we at Bella Bathrooms have gathered all of the latest products to give your room the quality look it deserves. It is always important to consider the size of the room before buying the shower itself. For example a large bathroom will be able to feature a larger enclosure such as a quadrant or bow with pivot doors whereas a smaller bathroom is more likely to feature a sliding door enclosure to reduce space and provide opportunity for more items.

Modern shower enclosures will often come with concealed fixings and frameless doors and side panels to provide a clean cut modern feel within the room. If you are wanting the most modern and popular look on the market it is recommended to purchase a chrome product. If you are wanting a more traditional look and feel to the environment then you cannot go wrong with classic white. If space is no problem with your purchase then buying a wetroom could prove to be beneficial to you as it will allow you with the opportunity to move around more freely without any restrictions. The main advantage about a wetroom is that all water is drained into a certain point providing the perfect experience but at a greater cost.

Along with a wide range of shower enclosures to purchase from there are also a wide range of other key features to purchase such as pressures, flow rates, power showers. Optional body jet systems and steam room showers. Before buying a shower it is important to ensure that nothing will be damaged in the installation of the system. If you are intending on buying a power shower or steam shower it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the shower enclosure that you have selected.