Shopping for Bathroom Furniture Online

Remodelling a bathroom can often seem like a daunting task, and choosing the actual furniture to go in the room is one of the trickiest parts. From deciding on the layout of the room and coordinating the plumbing accordingly, to considering materials, dimensions and how the furniture will fit in with the other features of the room, there are a plethora of difficult choices to make. Bathroom experts Bella Bathrooms have compiled their complete guide to buying bathroom furniture, for those who need a helping hand choosing their perfect furnishings.

How to Choose the correct Bathroom Furniture for you:

Buying Bathroom Furniture

Decide on your Layout

Firstly, settle on your layout. This will be crucial in the planning of the whole room, from deciding where the fixtures and fittings will go, to knowing how much room you’ll have for a bath mat as a finishing touch. Measure accurately, down to the millimetre, and create a basic scale drawing of your bathroom plan. You’ll then know how much room you have to play with when it comes to choosing washstands and bathroom cabinets, and you’ll be well prepared when it comes to installing the bathroom itself. This can act as a template for plumbers and any contractors that need to carry out work on the room, and it is a superb reference if you have a last minute change of heart and want to squeeze an extra cabinet into a space.

In creating your layout, consider levels and spacing. From a birds-eye view, you might not be able to highlight the fact that a tall bathroom cabinet will function as a towel cabinet, or a storage cupboard underneath the basin will house all cleaning products, but be sure to make a note of these features as you go to ensure there is nothing missed.

Consider which Styling you would like

Next, start to focus on how you want your bathroom to look and feel. Going for a sleek, minimalist look with masses of glossy white fittings and stainless steel fixtures? Perhaps you are opting for a Swiss-spa sort of look, with pale wood and dark slate complementing one another perfectly. When you have decided on the style of your bathroom, you can properly start shopping for bathroom furniture, knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Prepare mood boards, decide on countertop materials that you like, and be prepared to do a lot of shopping around to find the bathroom furniture of your dreams.

Choose your Bathroom Furniture

One of the best ways to kit out a bathroom in a stylish and functional way is to choose a furniture collection. This ensures that all furniture matches perfectly and there are no pieces which stick out. It helps to create coherency and consistent lines throughout the room, and the vast majority of the pieces are created to complement one another. There are numerous styles available, from the soft neutrals of walnut wood and chrome fixtures, to the striking vibrancy of deep red units with a gloss finish, investing in a bathroom furniture collection can take much of the stress out of choosing separate units which fit the theme of the room.

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