Show Your Adventurous Side with a Freestanding Bath

Show your adventurous side with a Freestanding Bath

When decorating or planning bathrooms within their homes, many people simply believe that they must line up all their fittings and fixtures around the edges and the walls, leaving a great empty space in the middle of the bathroom. This is a very common theme in bathrooms, as many people are not adventurous enough to realise that investing in a freestanding bath to provide a focal point to their room is a viable solution for all homes, whether they are family homes or exclusively couples. Read on to find out what the experts at Bella Bathrooms recommend when choosing and installing a freestanding bath.

A daring and often beautiful style statement, freestanding baths are becoming more popular in homes where the owners recognise that bathrooms are still rooms! They don’t have to skirt the edges of the room anymore, they can give their sanctuary a centrepiece. Freestanding baths give an elegant and sophisticated feel, as though you have stepped into a luxury retreat or a high-end spa.

Freestanding Bath

Why choose a Freestanding Bath?

One of the best things about freestanding baths is the great variety of designs and shapes that they come in which you can view here. Many will have the image of a freestanding bath as a vintage fixture, with gold-plated taps and ornately carved claw feet, straight out of a Victorian aristocrat’s home. These types of baths are still popular, but freestanding baths are also available in more sleek and contemporary designs, with modern taps and no feet, just clean, minimalist lines. These baths can be narrow and shallow, better-suited to family homes where children will be bathing, or they can be vast and deep for those evenings soaking in the bubbles surrounded by candles. There is also the option to install floor-mounted tap-ware beside a freestanding bath; this popular option is sure to set any bathroom apart and make it the envy of all who come to visit.

What do I need to Consider?

Available Space

There are a few things that need to be considered when looking at installing a freestanding bath. Firstly, they should be placed as close to the centre of the room as possible, and there should be room to manoeuvre around the entire thing. This means that they are better suited to larger bathrooms. Being able to walk around the bath also means that it will be much easier to clean; positioning it near to a wall might mean that there are tough spots that are difficult to reach, which will accumulate dirt and lime-scale over time.

Plumbing Costs

There are also some extra plumbing costs involved with installing a bath in a different place within a room. All bathrooms already have a dedicated place for bath drainage and plumbing, and moving this to the centre of the room will obviously incur extra costs. It is also important to remember that freestanding baths are often much heavier than built-in baths. If you are planning on installing a deep bath, try to verify the floor can handle the weight when the bath is full of heavy water.

All of these extra considerations aside, installing a freestanding bath is one of the fastest ways to transform a drab bathroom suite into a room fit for royalty. Whether you choose a vintage option with old-fashioned fittings and gleaming gold or brass taps, or whether you opt to bring your bath into the 21st century, the freestanding bath will be a functional and beautiful addition to the home.

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