Shower Enclosures: Then and Now

Like every element of interior design, shower enclosures have trends and crazes that change with the passage of time. So what did the shower enclosures of ten years ago look like, and how did we the trends change to become the stylish shower enclosures we covet now? The experts from Bella Bathrooms take a look at the shower enclosure trends through the years and examine how we have ended up with the on-trend enclosures we currently shop.

What were the Past Trends in Shower Enclosures?

Shower Enclosures Then and Now

Many years ago, the go-to trend for shower enclosures was white plastic. As unlikely as that sounds now, having white-edged doors and glass panels was all the rage not too long ago, and many bathrooms still sport this (now rather dated) look today. The glass which surrounds the shower enclosures often featured stark white patterns reminiscent of the late-90s, and the shower tray itself was often a step-up, creating clunky and difficult levels in the bathroom area and making the shower stand out like a sore thumb. The trend for bathrooms in general was busy, eclectic and slightly muddled; there were wooden panels, painted walls, bathroom tiles with textured marble effects and other throwbacks from decades past. Without a coherent theme, it is easy to see how so many people would opt for a white-rimmed shower enclosure; it seems to be fairly neutral, it looks sparklingly white when it is clean, and it will go with any interior should they decide to renovate in the future. But the garish white plastic eventually faded out in favour or something altogether more modern.

What are the Current Trends in Shower Enclosures?

In 2013, function and form go hand in hand; there is no need to choose one over the other anymore. Frameless finishes help to say goodbye to all the ghastly white plastic frames, and with super-smooth sliding door mechanisms now available in every shower enclosure, there is no need to spice it up with images or patterns painted onto the glass. The minimalist look has been huge for a while now, and many people are getting on the bandwagon with minimalist silver frames and low-profile shower trays, all of which combine to create a seamless, modern look which is a far cry from the clunky, white-edged look of ten years ago. This is also being carried on to everything from bath tubs to mixer taps. Clean lines are in favour, and these classic designs show no sign of fading away like the white framed shower enclosures have done.

Popular Minimalist Styling

Everything from colour schemes to tile choices have modernised, and the key to creating a beautiful modern bathroom nowadays often lies in making a room with barely any embellishment or decoration seem beautiful, rich and comfortable. Minimalist looks rely on creating an illusion of space, and it is important when choosing a shower enclosure to try and choose one that doesn’t break the lines within the room. It should blend seamlessly within the existing interior, without drawing the eye too much, and it should remain as functional and accessible as possible, in keeping with the contemporary theme.

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