Deciding on your Shower Enclosure

When deciding on your shower enclosure you need to choose either to have it placed in an open space or corner. Once this is decided you can find out the measurements of the area and decide on the types of shower enclosures that would fit into the area, taking into consideration the space for the door to open. With such a generous selection of shower enclosures now available you have plenty to choose from to find the ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom.

A key step to choosing the shape of your shower enclosure is the right shape for the space available. There are a few on the market at the moment these include the walk-in, square or rectangular, pentagon and quadrant. The walk-in is used mainly for bathrooms which have a large surface area, commonly around 1700×700. The square or rectangular can be used as a solution for the corners in your bathroom and comes with three side panels which can be changed to accommodate the space you have. The pentagon could be a useful option in the bathroom because it has a central opening and closing so this saves space for bathroom furniture on both sides. The quadrant option means that this enclosure is also spacious because it only has a single sliding door. Also the quadrant enclosure can be made into either a left or right handed opening and closing.

The final step of choosing and enclosure is the door type. There are a range such as a double sliding door, sliding door, bi-fold door, pivot door and a walk-in door option. The double sliding door is useful if you want the easiest possible access to the enclosure and being the case of sliding it does not take up any more space than it needs to. The bi-folding door is useful if there is not enough space in the bathroom so the door pivots inwards which saves the space. This would not be the best option if you are a buyer that has a limited amount of mobility. The pivot door offers the widest opening possible for shower enclosures so this will need to be taken into consideration when planning but remembering the door would be bi-directional. A walk-in enclosure means that there is no door which is good for getting in and out but not good if you don’t want a wet floor which will increase the chances of slipping.

When picking out your shower enclosure think of the pros and cons as well as the space you have,not forgetting that a shower enclosure should be low costing, simple and easy to clean.