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Should I Opt for Bathroom Wall Panels Instead of Tiles?

When it comes to designing your bathroom, one of the key questions that people ask is: “should I go for shower wall panels instead of tiles in bathroom spaces?” Thankfully, here at Bella Bathrooms, we’ve compiled a list of handy tricks to help you decide whether you’d like shower panels instead of tiles, or whether you’d like to opt for bath panels instead.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there’s no straight answer to this question; whether or not you opt for an alternative to tiles depends on your individual bathroom design, as well as the different methods of installation. Of course, you’ll also want to consider factors such as price range and maintenance – but we’ll delve into this a little more as we describe the benefits of both bathroom panels and tiles for your shower space!

The difference between shower wall panels and bathroom tiles:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of making your choice between options, it’s important that you have all the information about the different type of material going up onto your shower walls.

So, what are shower panels?

Shower panels are a brilliantly modern addition to your bathroom. In the simplest terms, they’re really big shower heads. They replace your shower head, providing a panel that’s a few feet tall, with shower heads and body sprayers extending from the surface. They’re an intricate piece of bathroom technology that contains an entire system’s worth of fixers.

Many customers nowadays opt for shower panels instead of tiles; as they give a similar appearance to tiles without the issue of grout. This means they’re clean, cost-effective, and a brilliant choice when considering minimising grouting and providing efficient property maintenance.

Shower wall panels usually come in kits with trims, sealants, and the like, so that you can fit everything yourself with little problems.

So, what are bathroom tiles?

This one doesn’t really need explaining! Tiles, or tiling panels, are commonly used on both bathroom floors and walls to provide a modern, upscale look. Any bathroom wall boards are commonly seen tiled; this tiling will have been laid by a design team and professional contractor using a tile adhesive.

Many opt for tiling around their shower cubicle because of the slick style and design given by tiling.

The benefits of tiles:

If you want your bathroom to stand out, whilst providing an experience of opulence and taste, it’s no question – you should add some stylish tiling to your bathroom. Tiling is beneficial because of many things, but something key that most note is the creative freedom afforded by tiles.

When designing your shower wall or bathroom space, tiling can be used to provide colour schemes, keep with a design, or provide an overall dramatic look. Tiling simply gives you more creative options and freedom; if there’s room in your heart for a brick effect or marble effect, tiling is the easiest way to apply such a style to your shower walls.

Keep your bathroom on-trend with the latest colours and styles; whether you’re opting for traditional or modern decor, we at Bella Bathrooms have classy tiles to suit all your home needs!

What’s more, tiles provide an easy installation; will little more than tile adhesive needed, you can easily achieve the chosen design along your shower walls in no time. Our website has all your tiling essentials to ensure that your new tiles are fitted perfectly.

The benefits of shower wall panels:

If you’re thinking of opting for panels for showers instead of tiles, these also have many benefits when it comes to planning the design of your bathroom wall.

Perhaps the most obvious benefits are that shower panels, instead of tiles, are cost-effective, easier in terms of installation, and much easier to maintain. Furthermore, shower wall panels provide a flawless finish.

What’s more, shower wall panels are waterproof and far more hygienic compared to their counterparts – because they eliminate all problems associated with grout such as mildew and mould that come with tiling. Therefore, opting for shower panels instead of tiles might just save you time and money when it comes to maintenance of your shower walls.

A final bonus is that shower wall panels can be fitted over existing tiles; so long as they are level along the shower wall.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, we have a wide selection of stunning bathroom wall panels for your shower wall, no matter your budget. Fight grout today with our wall panel designs – they give a sheen finish and can easily convert your room into a modern sanctuary of the home.

How should I decide between shower wall panels and tiles?

If you’re still not sure of how to decide between tile designs and shower wall panels, here’s a quick round-up of the key pros and cons, as well as all the needed information we provide in making your choice.

The advantages of a shower wall panel include:

  • Can be fitted over existing tiles
  • No issue of grout that you’d get with a tile system – so no need for de-grouting
  • Low-cost with an array of options for your bathroom
  • Cleaner and higher-speed installation of a shower wall panel
  • Less maintenance for your bathroom walls; as a shower wall panel requires less cleaning

The advantages of tiles include:

  • Often more coverage than a shower panel
  • More creative freedom over the type of finish on your wall surface
  • A more subtle room design, if that’s your preference

Ultimately, whether you order a shower panel installation or you’d prefer to cover surfaces with tile, it’s a personal preference. Either option will provide a sheen and sleek surface to every wall in your room. Whether tile is your style or you’re one for a bathroom panel, you can order your chosen items from our site to find the solution to your personal taste!

Take a quick look below to see some of our favourite picks for both tiling and wall panels, so you can find a solution to your shower wall woes. And if you don’t, we hope this at least gives you some ideas. Feel free to look at other posts on our blog to see if we have another article to help you!

Our recommended products:

Whether you want to add a touch of glamour and glitz with our sparkle wet wall panels, be bold with our range of brightly coloured gloss shower panels, or go for a more subdued classic marble look – no matter your preference, we have a wall panel collection to suit.

Here are two key items we recommend to get that high-class look. Whichever choices you opt for, our options have everything you need – and a lot more!

Wall Panel: Wet Wall Classic Carrara Marble Shower Panel

Providing everything you need, including a suave look and easy-cleaning surface, this shower panel gives the advantage over many other options on the market.

Tiles: Mosaics Shades of Grey Hexagon White Tiles

These tiles are a brilliant option if you want to follow our advice from other pieces and opt for a high class, smooth colour. This product costs an affordable amount and provides flexibility when choosing decor to suit the rest of your bathroom furnishings.


Are bathroom wall panels better than tiles?

As we’ve covered, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this one. Panels versus tiles depend on so many different factors, such as your flexibility in designing, the inspiration you’re opting for, and the overall theme of the bathroom environment.

That said, many choose to opt for wall panels nowadays due to their increased longevity, quality, and low effort in construction, as they tend to cause less of a fuss or mess when installing. This is reason enough for many people to choose panels.

What can you use as an alternative to tiles in the bathroom?

Always ask your tiler for their expert advice to guide you, but wall panels are a brilliant alternative – any wall panelling costs a very decent amount in comparison to other bathroom jobs, and they’re a popular choice used by many as a method of switching up their designs and saying goodbye to tiles.

Panels offer elegance, ease, and they’re agreeable to the budget of many consumers… however, it’s always good to remember that both tiles and panels offer a variety of finishes and designs.

Are shower panels cheaper than tiles?

Again, this is not a single one-size-fits-all answer. The fact is, nothing is as straightforward as “this is cheaper than that”. Everything is on a case by case basis and depends on the different types of features you’re opting for in your installation service.

Some might argue that shower panels are pricier upfront but are, in the long-term, more cost-effective because of their low level of maintaining and cleaning. What’s more, you’ll also want to consider the installation costs as per your contractor, and the ultimate name of the game: which manufacturers offer the best value?

Can bathroom panels go over tiles?

As we’ve answered above, bathroom panels can easily go over existing tiles for smooth and sleek finishes. So long as the tiles are levelled on your wall, there’s no reason why you can’t place panels over existing tiles… in fact, lots of people do this!