Shower Tray Technology: Pearlstone Shower Trays

Plumbers and home owners are constantly looking for strong, durable and easy to fit shower trays that will last the test of time in the every day bathroom. Pearlstone shower trays easily fit this criteria with their sleek design and prestigious, highly rated name.

Aquadart Shower TraysPearlstone shower trays are made from a unique patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' made from polyurethane resin, mixed with volcanic ash and acrylic capped, which makes them incredibly durable. Not only this, this excellent blend of materials makes an incredibly light shower tray too, in fact they are up to 50% lighter than the conventional stone resin tray which makes them incredibly easy to handle and fit. Another reason they are easy to fit is that the Pearlstone Matrix has screw retention, so if you were to install any legs to your shower tray, they could be screwed directly into the base of your tray.

The sleek, slimline design is just 40-45mm high, giving the ultimate contemporary feel to your bathroom. Bella Bathrooms provides all your shower tray requirements for excellent prices. Browse our extensive range of the highest quality shower trays from prestigious manufacturers such as Mira, Aquadart, April and many more. All offered at excellent, discounted prices, look no further than Bella Bathrooms for your shower enclosure requirements.