Shower Trays: Your Custom-Built Dream Shower

The shower is supposed to fulfil many different purposes within the family home; it needs to be somewhere to rejuvenate before a day at the office, or somewhere to relax after a tough day running around after the children. It must be highly functional and have a number of settings to satisfy every member of the family, and finally it must be stylish enough to fit in with the surrounding bathroom. It is little wonder that choosing a shower tray to provide the foundation to the shower enclosure is one of the most difficult design choices in the bathroom. Let bathrooms experts Bella Bathrooms break it down in the simplest terms to help you choose your perfect shower tray.

Tips for Choosing your Shower Tray:

Your Custom Dream Shower

What Shape Tray suits your Bathroom?

The first thing you must bear in mind is the shape of the shower tray, as this will go on to dictate the shape of the entire space. Getting it right is paramount to the comfort and practicality of the enclosure. Square shower trays are great for smaller bathrooms as they provide a compact space, whilst quadrant trays help to save even more space with their curved edge. Those with larger bathrooms can often afford to look into rectangular trays which take up more space, and those who want something a little different can choose a rectangular tray with a quadrant offset, to create something visually interesting.

What Height Tray suits your Bathroom?

Height is also an important factor; low-profile shower trays are en vogue right now as they offer flowing, minimalist lines within the bathroom, but those opting for a more traditional look can also choose a higher tray which creates a step into the shower.

Which Brand should you Choose?

Once you have decided on the shape of the tray, you can start looking up brands to see which one you would like to install. Each has slightly different designs with different advantages and benefits, and each of them fits within a different budget range, so it is simply a matter of finding the brand which bets fits your needs. Tavistock shower trays have a solid-cast stone construction and a minimalist design, whilst Duralite trays are made from acrylic-backed resin trays and have a removable hair trap and waste concealer. It is recommended you do your research on the numerous different brands on offer here before making the final decision.

Will you be Installing the Shower Tray?

Finally, you reach the shower installation phase. Will you be fitting the shower tray yourself? If so, there is often an easy-plumb feature that will make the process simpler. If you are hiring a plumber anyway for a mass renovation of the bathroom, you could simply add the shower tray installation to their roster; an expert would be able to carry out the job quickly and easily, even without the added luxury of an easy-plumb kit.

Of course, there is always the option not to install a shower-tray at all, and to make the room into a complete wet-room, but this process takes a lot of time and money, and is less appropriate for family rooms. The shower tray provides a high-quality foundation to a comfortable, functional and stylish shower, without needing to rip out all the plumbing and start from scratch.

Once you have considered all these points you will be able to begin browsing our enclosure range at Bella Bathrooms to custom-build your dream shower!