Shower Valves and Mixer Showers

Mixer showers and Shower Valves are the leading technology for showers today; these are an essential part of any new bathroom, making the overall experience more enjoyable and practical and have become a must have for any new bathroom.

Hudson Reed Flare Shower Kit

Shower Valves and Mixer showers are both designed for the same job, as the name suggests they both take the hot and cold water that is being supplied to them and blend them together in order to get the perfect temperature that you want. To achieve the best results from your new Mixer shower or shower valve it is important to have the same pressure for both the hot and cold water supply so that it is balanced. As of this the majority of Mixer showers can be installed on: mains fed systems, high pressure systems such as a combi boiler or from a tank fed system and low pressure systems such as a cold water storage tank. If the shower or valve is being installed on a tank fed system it should be at least 3ft below the tank to get the best performance. If the performance or flow of the shower is poor then raising the water storage or shower pumps can be used to increase the pressure. If you have any questions about the installation of your new mixer shower or valve, please contact us or view the entire range online.

Along with the mixer showers being able to provide you with the perfect temperature for a more relaxing showering experience, shower valves can also provide you with the same but also offering more safety while showering. Valves such as the thermostatic mixer valves have the ability to keep the same temperature constantly which prevents any unexpected changes in temperature from scalding hot water which could potential damage your skin especially to children, to icy cold water which can also cause skin damage. The thermostatic value prevents change by adjusting the blend of water before it reaches the showerhead, so if a tap is turned on somewhere else in the house the valve will react to keep the same temperature. Most thermostatic valves will also require you to hold a button while changing the temperature so that it is not changed accidently or raised too high that it could cause damage, effectively acting as a child lock for the shower.