Showers and Shower Enclosures from Bella Bathrooms

At Bella Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on providing the finest quality showers on the bathroom market. These are offered from the UK's leading manufacturer's to assure you of their top quality, many also offer lengthy guarantees to assure you they will be a vital part of your bathroom for years to come. Showers are always increasing in popularity and therefore manufacturers are constantly bringing out newer, more exciting models for people to enjoy time and time again. Showers are now deemed to be a luxury item in the bathroom and are as popular as baths now for peoples preferred means of washing. Infact we would go as far to say that people are actually favouring them due to their stylish modern design.

Which Types of Showers are Available?

Frontline Shower TowerWe offer a range of shower towers which add both contemporary class and luxury to any bathroom. Shower towers consist of one panel, fitted with the thermostatic and pressure controls, a shower head and occasionally body jets too. These create a luxurious style for your bathroom and can indeed create a focal point. Other popular choices of showers are electric showers and mixer showers. Mixer showers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them extremely popular for people who want their shower to be part of the bathroom style that they want to achieve.

On the other hand, electric showers are also popular as they fit perfectly into the majority of bathrooms, and only require a cold water supply. Electric styles only heat the water they use as they use it, making them extremely economical as well as environmentally friendly. These also provide you with immediate hot water as they are not dependant on your home's hot water system. The panels are now more designer in look too so they can fit into the most modern of bathroom spaces.

Browse our extensive range of designer options available here at Bella Bathrooms where you can find a top quality selection at extremely affordable prices. We also offer a range of stunning shower enclosures to give you the ultimate luxurious showering experience. From neat square enclosures to the more lavish rectangular enclosures that can help you create a contemporary walk in type showering space.

If you need a little extra help choosing the ideal shower for your bathroom space then you may be interested in reading our Buyer's guide to Showers blog post.