Small Bathroom Ideas: Make the Most of Your Space

Bathrooms have become much more than just functional spaces in our homes. A modern bathroom can add value to a property and be a place to relax and de-stress after a long day. We are not all fortunate enough to have palatial homes with bathrooms you could get lost in, but sometimes it is not the size that matters, but what you do with it that counts. With this in mind, we give you a few small bathroom ideas for maximizing the space in your small bathroom. This means you can still have luxury and serenity and a better functioning bathroom too.

Small Bathroom Ideas: How Can You Maximize the Space in Your Bathroom?

Smaller Fixtures

Small ToiletNowadays you can get sinks, showers, baths and toilets in all shapes and sizes, which means you can find the appropriate size to suit your bathroom. Choosing smaller bathroom units can make such a difference on how a space feels, giving you more room to manoeuvre. For example instead of choosing a sink with a vanity unit underneath, opt for a hover or pedestal sink, which will look great and take up half the space. There are a good range of small toilets now available which means that this neccesary bathroom item can take up a minimum amount of space in your bathroom. Even better you can now buy a toilet and sink in one which truly does maximize the space available. These units have an integrated basin above the toilet cistern meaning two items in your small bathroom are combined.

Glass Shower enclosures

Compact EnclosureGet rid of your shower curtain and modernise your shower or bath with a glass panel or enclosure. The traditional shower curtain acts as a visual divide making the room appear smaller, whereas glass doors or cubicles creates a continuous flow of light throughout the room creating more openness. Shower enclosures are becoming more popular as the luxury item for your bathroom and modern space saving design means these can be fitted into the smallest of bathroom spaces. Also, installing a glass panel or enclosure in your bathroom will make cleaning a whole lot easier too.

Adjustable Lighting

Mood Lighting Add a whole new dimension to your bathroom and make it multifunctional with adjustable lighting. This allows you to switch the bathroom’s function depending on your mood. A dimmer switch or additional up lights can mean you get so much more from your bathroom. It gives you the option to have bright light in the mornings for getting ready for work and mood lighting in the evenings to help you unwind.

Utilise Storage Space

Storage IdeasStorage in your home is incredibly important, even in your bathroom. If you have a small canvas to work with, but want a place to store your towels, cosmetics, loo rolls and cleaners then why not consider fitting some storage above your doorway. It is incredible how much wall space there is in a bathroom when you look up, and above the door is extremely underutilised. All you need to do is figure out a style of storage that suits your needs – decorative basket shelves that look pretty, or an enclosed cupboard that offers you a more discreet hiding place for your cleaners are both ideal solutions.

Add Modern Fittings

Vessel Sink You can gain a visual illusion of space with just a few tweaks to the fittings in your bathroom suite, which will also add re-sale value to your home too. Replace taps and shower heads with modern designs in brushed chrome, copper or bronze or go for a really luxurious feel by fitting a feature sink – a vessel sink placed on top of a granite work top will make you feel like you are at the spa every day.


Mosaic Border In a small space, avoid bold and dark colours as these will make it feel enclosed. Choosing neutral colours for the walls and ceiling will make it feel light and airy. If you do want a splash of colour, keep it simple with a mosaic tile border or brightly coloured accessories and plants.


Bright Mirror Mirrors are an all important feature in a bathroom and should not be underestimated. In a small bathroom mirrors can enhance light and space in a small room when placed in the right position. Whatever your style of mirror make sure you consider what it is going to reflect before attaching it to the wall. Hanging a mirror that reflects natural light from the window is going to visually increase the area and generate more light, whereas if it simply reflects a wall then it could have the opposite effect making it feel more enclosed.

Maximise floor space

Integrated Laundry When considering the space in your small bathroom it is crucial to think about objects that take up valuable floor space, like bins and laundry baskets. You should consider moving them out of the bathroom or tucking them away out of sight. Clearing floor space and clutter will make your bathroom look so much bigger, making it simple yet functional.

Floor Tiles

Large Floor Tiles In a small area it is a common misconception that smaller tiles will make it look bigger. On the contrary, choosing a larger tile will enlarge your bathroom as there are less floor lines breaking up the area. Also choosing a subtle pattern that compliments your bathroom shades will give a nice clean look.

Brighter Lights

Bright Lighting It is essential to get the lighting right in a small space. Having one central light will create dark corners in your bathroom, which make it look and feel smaller. Rather than replacing your light fitting, why not switch to brighter bulbs, such as energy bulbs which will emit a brighter light and save money on energy consumption too.

Minimise Floor Accessories

Large Bath Mats If you want to make your bathroom feel cosier with some rugs, then opt for one large rug rather than several small ones. One large mat will unify the floor area as opposed to separate ones, which will break it up.

Change the Door Swing

Folding Shower Door Create more space in your small bathroom by changing the swing of your door. If your door swings inwards then think about changing it to swing the other way, as this will free up valuable space and make it appear larger. Although you need to make sure that changing the swing of your door does not impede any walkways. Choose a shower door that doesnt open into the room too so that it feels like you have more space in your bathroom.


Ceiling Spotlights In many bathrooms the ceiling is overlooked, but it can help to create volume and depth in a small room. If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings make the most of it with your choice of lighting – spot lights are a great for this. If you have low ceilings you can still use your ceiling to add depth by keeping the colours light and complimentary to your bathroom making it feel light and airy.

So there you have it – it is possible to turn your small bathroom into a fantastic place to bathe, no matter how tiny it looks now!