Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration, hints, and tips on how to transform a small ensuite bathroom into a serene heavenly haven then look no further. From choosing a colour scheme to selecting the right furniture, with our en suite ideas guide we can help you turn your ensuite from drab to fab!

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What is an Ensuite?

Ensuites – An ensuite is a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom. Similar to hotels, usually an ensuite bathroom cannot be accessed via the hallway in a home, the only entry to it is usually through the master bedroom or a guest bedroom. For many, it is their own personal space after long tiring days, a small oasis.

While main bathrooms tend to be spacious, ensuites are generally much smaller. Therefore, when renovating an old ensuite or furnishing a new it can present with challenges. Careful planning is paramount and with our amazing small ensuite bathroom ideas, we can help you turn the tiniest of rooms into a harmonious heavenly haven.

Building Regulations for Ensuites

The benefits of an ensuite bathroom are far-reaching. They not only provide you with your own personal space, a quiet sanctuary, they also add real value to your home. However, it is not as straight forward as many might think! Standard building regulations for ensuites do need to be met. This is to ensure that all the electrics, plumbing, drainage, ventilation, and glass meet with UK safety standards. These regulations are in place for your own protection and safety.

If you are simply refurbishing an existing ensuite bathroom, it is highly improbable that you will need building regulations approval, for example, if you are just replacing and updating existing fixtures and fittings. However, if this does involve any adjustment at all to the current drainage or electrical works, then buildings regulations approval might be needed.

When adding a completely new ensuite to either a master bedroom or while in the process of building an extension, then you will need building regulations approval to ensure that there is structural stability, adequate ventilation and that both the electrics and drainage conform to British safety standards. Different rules apply for the UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, as long as you are using a professional registered tradesperson, they will be aware of the necessary regulations for your area and be able to advise, as well as make sure that all work carried out is compliant.

As mentioned the beauty of ensuites is that they do add value to your home, but again take note if and when you do come to sell it then you will most likely need to provide proof that your ensuite does meet with all the necessary standard building regulations. Registered tradespersons can self-certify that the work they have carried out does meet with necessary safety requirements and they will issue you with a certificate as proof of this, usually within 8 weeks of completion. This needs to be kept. If you do not have this it can be problematic in that it may delay a sale, as well as put buyers off buying!

If you do not use a registered tradesperson, you will then need to apply through your local council for approval. Depending on the size of the project, the type of building, etc. different charges apply and there are varying types of applications. However, as long as the works are compliant, again a certificate is usually issued within 8 weeks of completion.The following links can help you ascertain the type of application you need and more importantly the cost.

Apply for planning permission for an ensuite bathroom

For the type of application you need:

To help you calculate how much it will cost:

Small Ensuite Ideas

When it comes to ensuites and smaller bathrooms less is definitely more! Overcrowding the room will make it appear cramped and cluttered. Think modern minimalist!

Give the illusion of space! Wall hung fixtures are ideal as they free up the floor area in order that the room appears more spacious while at the same time, floor standing toilet and sink units with short projections are brilliant for creating the illusion that the room is actually bigger than it is. A fine example is the Elation Combination furniture pack, with its short 400mm projection and chic P shaped basin, it takes up minimal floor space.

Storage is equally important to declutter! Today’s modern bathroom vanity units are perfect to conceal from view all the usual bathroom essentials, as they offer the ideal storage solution in the cupboards below. Also, as they usually have an integrated basin they negate the need for a separate sink. Pairing a basin unit with a contemporary WC unit, which conceals the cistern and pipework, is also advantageous as it ensures that the room presents with an overall sleek, seamless and neat appearance.

Colour Schemes for En-Suites

Light and bright! Although you may want to put your own individual stamp on it unless your ensuite is fantastically spacious, bold colours and fancy patterns, along with deep dark shades, simply don’t work – unless reserved for the floor. On walls in small ensuites, they tend to bring the room in, making it appear even smaller than it actually is. Light and bright is the way forward! Pastel shades and tones of cream and beige work exceptionally well, while white is perfect in that it also assists in reflecting light throughout.

When it comes to small ensuite bathroom ideas it’s not as simple as you think, so why not try before you buy! Upload a photograph of your ensuite on the link below, it allows you to visualise how the room would look painted in different shades and hues:

Choose the colour of your ensuite bathrooms using the Dulux colour visualizer

The Best Toilets and Basins for Ensuites

Countertop basins are designed to sit upon a shelf and they are ideal for ensuites, they take up minimal space while presenting with an eye-catching appearance. The designer geometric style of the Cassellie wall hung basin makes it perfect for a modern ensuite and this versatile basin will look just as pleasing placed on top of a vanity unit or a floating shelf.

Combination vanity units, that are either floor standing or wall hung, are another good option for small ensuites as they conveniently combine a basin with additional storage space to keep the room clutter free.

Contemporary wall hung toilets free up the floor area or if opting for a back to wall WC, then ensure it has a short projection so that it does not jut out too much – with ensuites remember every single inch of space counts! Toilet units used with a BTWC are also brilliant, in that they conceal both the cistern and unsightly pipework from view.

Tiny Ensuite Ideas – For teeny tiny ensuites, corner cloakroom basins are a must as they take up negligible space. Or why not opt for a toilet with sink on top, for example, the eye-catching modern Cassellie Futura? This combination WC and basin means you do not need two separate fixtures and it is perfect for downstairs WCs too. While for awkward shaped ensuites or exceptionally small areas, a corner toilet with a triangular cistern is ideal, and it makes the most of what would otherwise be wasted space.

Vanity Units and Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Wall mounted units that free up the floor area are ideal for smaller spaces, as are floor standing vanity units with short projections. This type of unit combines a basin with storage space, a perfect example being the chic UK manufactured Ikoma vanity unit. The pristine white gloss finish of this all in one bathroom unit is ideal to brighten up smaller spaces and as an added bonus, this stunning floor standing basin and storage unit comes ready assembled for convenience!

Which is Best for a Small Ensuite – A Bath, Shower Enclosure or Modern Wet Room?

When it comes to small ensuite shower room ideas and small ensuite designs, it’s all about the space! As most homes have a tub in the main bathroom, a second bath is not necessarily essential. Beautiful freestanding baths and elongated tubs may be perfect for long luxurious soaks, but they take up twice as much floor space as shower enclosures and, although this is fine for larger more spacious ensuites, in small ensuites they can make the room appear cramped. Small or corner shower enclosures are the way to go, they fit in snugly and take up minimal floor area. When choosing an ensuite shower enclosure be pragmatic, shower doors that open out over can cause problems in confined spaces. A far better option is corner entry, bifold door showers that open in over or sliding door quadrant shower enclosures.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we know a thing or two about small ensuite bathroom designs and we have a wide range of space saving shower enclosures including luxury corner entry, bifold door, and quadrant shower enclosures that are ideal. We make life simple to, why not opt for an en suite set, for example, the elegant Hudson Reed Richmond Traditional complete shower suite pack. Adopting the beautiful designs of yesteryear, it has all you need to furnish a small ensuite including a quadrant shower enclosure, vintage style basin and matching WC. If you prefer a more up to date modern look, then the Madison Bathroom Furniture Pack acquiesces with its contemporary minimalist design and pristine gloss white finish. This complete and affordable ensuite package includes a corner entry shower enclosure available in two sizes to suit, a vanity unit with deluxe basin, matching WC unit, a back to wall toilet and the cistern.

A wet room… in an ensuite? I hear you say. Contrary to popular belief, wet Rooms are not just for palatial palaces and grandiose bathrooms, they are perfect for ensuites too. In the first place, they create a more open and spacious feel throughout and secondly, as they sit flush with the floor, they present with a more streamlined neater appearance. However, if installing a wet room in an ensuite bear in mind that due to the smaller area of space they provide it is advisable to have a wet room glass panel, so as to keep the water contained and restrict it from going everywhere. Another point to consider is furniture. In a wet room, it is sensible to select wall hung vanity basin units and toilets, as opposed to floor standing ones. They not only look chic and modern, but the fact they are wall mounted ensures that they remain dry. Wall hung bathroom furniture also makes it far easier to clean and maintain the floor area too.

Accessorising an Ensuite

When it comes to small ensuite bathroom ideas, it is often the little things that stand out the most! Therefore, selecting the right accessories for an ensuite is equally as important as choosing the larger furnishings and fittings. Bathroom accessories let you put your own individual stamp on a bathroom, a unique touch that adds character to it too. Candles and pretty vases bring a warm homely feel into an ensuite while a touch of greenery, for example, a nice houseplant, brings a touch of the outside in.

When accessorising basins, you can add an ultra-modern touch with a beautiful waterfall mixer tap or if you have a preference for the elegant vintage designs of yesteryear, then small traditional pillar taps perfectly accentuate.

Another tip for ensuites is to add fancy robe and towel hooks to doors and walls. They not only look attractive but are also great for decluttering.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Mirrors are a must for an ensuite! When rooms are small, strategically placed mirrors and the right lighting can make a whole world of difference. Choose carefully! A good idea for small ensuites that have little or no ventilation is to opt for a fog free or demister mirror.

Large decorative mirrors on the wall are not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing, but they also assist in reflecting natural light throughout. For ensuites that have no window at all, why not replace a solid wood door that connects the bedroom with the bathroom with a frosted glass one, to allow natural light to radiate through from the bedroom.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are also a must, they are necessary for carrying out everyday beauty routines and they also provide extra storage space within to keep basins and shelves clutter free.

Spotlights create the perfect atmosphere and can be directed to accentuate, while today’s modern luxury illuminated LED mirrors quite simply provide the perfect finishing touch.

Save Time and Money – Easy Options for Ensuite Bathrooms

With such a vast range of space saving bathroom furniture and shower enclosures on the market today the world is your oyster, but why not take the hassle out of choosing each individual piece for your ensuite by purchasing a complete shower suite package. This can save you both time and money! A fine example is the Elation Combination Bathroom Furniture set, it contains all you need for an ensuite including the beautiful April Destini pivot door shower enclosure, a chic pearl grey matching basin and WC unit, and a modern P shaped basin that incorporates a handy shelf.