Social networking from the comfort of your bathroom

bella-laptop-twitterA popular question on people’s minds right now is this “social networking from your bathroom, possible a technology step to far?” A recent survey has shown that over one third of people with smart phones, iPads or tablet device use them in the bathroom. I am guessing that this is because they are now considered to be entertainment devices which would help keep you occupied in whilst in the bathroom. People who use their devices in the bathroom wouldn't necessarily tell others, what they are doing at the time but most certainly find out what others are doing at the present moment in time. And who can blame them why wouldnt you want to check out our fab twitter page whilst relaxing in your bathroom?

If you were to distract yourself from the hygienic issues using your devices in the bathroom and ask yourself, is it good idea to take your tablet or other electronic devices into the bathroom? Plus with those of us who use social networking is it a good place to be doing it? Our lives are becoming increasingly more attached to these sites and apps which allow us to feel connected with family and friends at all times. Does it come as no surprise that we are using our devices in such places with these technological advancements?

Bathroom appliances such as the shower or the bath are now being controlled remotely be these smart devices. When you come home your shower could start running because you have asked it to from your mobile device.