Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is the one room that most people wish was bigger – it’s arguably the most functional space in the home along with the kitchen yet often, is actually the smallest room in the building. It’s a place where we spend a lot of time unwinding and relaxing so naturally we would prefer it to feel like a spacious, ethereal sanctuary or retreat where we can escape and chill out after a long, difficult day but stingy dimensions can make this seem like mission impossible when clutter takes over.

The nature of many homes means that for most of us, our bathrooms tend to be smaller than we crave, forcing us to live less like mermaids and more like goldfish. Regardless of the size of your bathroom there is a smart way to utilize the space available so that you can truly enjoy your bathroom.

Here are some of Bella Bathrooms top tips to cultivate the space and banish the clutter so it’s more a case of out of sight, out of mind!

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Select small bathroom fixtures:

  • Be smart in your shopping choices and choose to suit the size of the room you have rather than the one you wished you had. Don’t swamp a small space with a single gargantuan cabinet for example, when you could opt for two smaller more compact bathroom cabinets instead.


  • Invest in a wall hung or a small bathroom sink with a pedestal and use smaller racks and shelves to store items. Most importantly, use any cabinets and storage spaces to their maximum to avoid having clutter on show. Clutter can shrink a room in seconds so it essential to keep the bathroom clean and organised. Remember the two most important components of a bathroom suite are that it functions as it needs to and that it is designed to establish the atmosphere desired.


Make Use of Reflective and Clear Surfaces:

  • Use a glass enclosure to separate your bath or shower from the rest of your bathroom. This acts as a kind of optical illusion that tricks the eye into visually thinking there is more space available. Frosted patterns can return a sense of privacy and intimacy to bath time.


Choose your colour scheme wisely:

  • Stick with light and breezy colours which open up a room and make the most of any natural light that you have access to. White is the colour that opens the room the most but you can also use a variety of soft colours such as magnolia, caramel and latte that work harmoniously together to trick the eye accordingly.


Don’t let the bathroom get too busy:

  • Small spaces can easily feel swamped with too many patterns, items, objects or fussy fixtures. Keep it clean, classic and simple.


Install a Mirror:

  • Select a suitable mirror that can utilise the light in the room and create an illusion of added depth and space.


Bigger can be Better for the Floor:

  • Declutter your floor by selecting large tiles if you do decide to opt for tiles. Small tiles just add an element of busyness. This can be hard on the eyes and feel like everything is too choppy and tight. Large tiles give a sleek, smooth appearance. The key is to not break up the bathroom too much, but to make it one fluid, engaging space.


Choose a Feature or Focal Point:

  • Create a piece de resistance in your bathroom that draws the eye. It might be a mosaic design on one wall or the bath or shower itself. Keeping the bathroom simple and ensuring that one thing is the sole focus enables you to play up a single item rather than be distracted by myriad objects clouding the space.