Space Saving Solutions For Cloakroom Suites

Small Cloakroom Ideas

Small ToiletsThe majority of owners of more modern, spacious homes are opting to install a cloakroom suite downstairs. This is done for a number of reasons. First of all, estate agents claim that buyers often ask which houses have a downstairs toilet, and this is in fact one of the most asked questions from buyers before looking at houses. It is therefore assumed that having a cloakroom bathroom suite installed adds between £5,000 and £15,000 to the overall value of your property. Even if you are not planning on selling up and moving on any time soon, a cloakroom bathroom is an excellent addition. Not only does it provide you with an extra space to save you venturing to the main bathroom time and time again, it also offers a toilet for any guests that visit, making your home much more functional.

So if you are planning to invest in a compact cloakroom suite here are a few things you might want to consider to make the best of your small bathroom spaces.

What Space Saving Solutions are Available for Cloakroom Suites?

Moods Micro Space Corner Toilet
The cloakroom suite should be well kept and organised, maintaining a minimalist style so that it looks as spacious as possible. This can be achieved in a number of ways. First of all, choosing your fixtures carefully is an important task. Bathroom manufacturers are now producing a number of specially designed smaller ceramics for smaller bathroom spaces. This may be a wall hung or back to wall toilet, or maybe a cloakroom, wall hung basin. Bathroom furniture can also come especially designed for smaller bathroom suites and cloakroom bathrooms too. Read on to find what designs of cloakroom suite items are available to maximize the space in your cloakroom suite.

Cloakroom Toilets

A wide range of different cloakroom toilets are now available to fit your smaller bathrooms all of which tend to be quite minimalist in style. From contemporary wall hung toilets which give the illusion of more space to back to wall toilets which hide the unsightly pipe work to fit seamlessly into your bathroom. The clever design of our small toilets ensure that these standard toilets are made to the smallest possible dimensions therefore demanding the least amount of space in your cloakroom.

Cloakroom Basins

Much like the cloakroom toilets the varied range of cloakroom basins available ensures that there is a design to best optimize the space in any cloakroom. Again wall hung designs help to create the illusion of more space due to the floor space being visible beneath the basin. The semi-pedestal basins also offer this effect as well as corner basins which can be useful in awkward cloakroom spaces. Some of the basins feature integrated towel rails which is ideal for bathrooms to be used by your guests. You will also find cloakroom basins with the classic full pedestal design yet they are built to the smallest possible dimensions making them slim line in style.

Cloakroom Vanity Units

What better way to maximize the space in your cloakroom than an integrated basin and storage unit? The beautiful range of small cloakroom vanity units available ensures there is a design to suit any bathroom shape or decor. From gloss white finishes to reflect the natural light to designer walnut finishes which create a focal point in your cloakroom there is something to suite every taste. These vanity units are available in either slim line floor standing versions or contemporary wall hung versions. Vanity units are a popular addition to cloakroom bathrooms as they offer storage space to keep the downstairs toilet organised as well as providing a surface for your bathroom basin to be placed upon.

Bathroom Furniture Sets

For the ultimate in space saving opt for bathroom furniture sets to create a seamless look in your bathroom. These sets combine an integrated toilet, basin and vanity unit all in one which can be fitted onto one wall of your cloakroom. These sets are becoming more popular for modern cloakrooms and are available in a wide variety of finishes from white to dark wood. Choosing a lighter coloured finish will be more suited to cloakroom spaces as the natural light will reflect off them giving the appearance of more space. These furniture sets are also being used in main bathroom spaces where people wish to create more room for a larger bath or shower enclosure.

As you can see modern design is really helping you to create a cloakroom that is functional and stylish yet doesn’t feel at all cramped. Smaller bathrooms can still be luxurious and designer as you will find when you view our fantastic range here at Bella Bathrooms.

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