Space Saving Wall Hung Furniture

The majority of bathrooms lack that much needed floor space to add some great bathroom furniture to hide away any unsightly bathroom products such as shampoos, creams, lotions and potions. Anyone who is redesigning their bathroom aims to make a smaller space seem larger, and this simply cannot be done if there are a lot of floor stand furniture fixtures. This is where wall hung bathroom furniture comes in useful. Not only does it make the room appear more spacious, it also looks incredibly stylish and makes your bathroom functional at the same time.

Good storage solutions are a great way of keeping your bathroom looking tidy and ordered. For the ultimate space saving solution,  consider purchasing a wall hung vanity unit. These great pieces of furniture not only provide you with a surface for a basin, you can also make use of the under basin storage that will also hide away any unsightly pipe work that will make your bathroom appear a little incomplete. They are also available in a range of finishes. A wood finish give a very organic look to your bathroom where as if you want to add some bold style, why not consider a coloured finish such as black or red. There is a wide range of bathroom furniture from leading manufacturers such as Hudson Reed and Ultra, who aim to provide you with great furniture at an affordable price.

If you are working with a cloakroom or en-suite bathroom, then think about adding some simple shelves to your bathroom space. They provide you with a reasonable amount of storage space as well as allowing you to save that vital floor space too.

Browse our wide selection of quality bathroom furniture today to find the perfect, affordable addition to your bathroom.