Bathroom Trends: Interior Designs and Ideas

In this blog we’re starting by giving you the low-down on the top bathroom trends for Spring/Summer. If you’re thinking of decorating over the holiday period, read on to find out more about the colours and styles that top designers and trend forecasters have predicted for the coming season. We hope this will give you inspiration to bring new colours and bathroom accessories into your home to create an on-trend look by simply updating a few elements of your existing decor.

Spring & Summer Bathroom Trends

Metal Madness

Copper-bathroom In previous years cooler shades such as gunmetal and pewter have dominated the colour palettes of interior designers but this year warmer metallic tones are back. The Dulux Colour of the Year has recently been announced as “copper blush”, a dusky apricot shade inspired by the popularity of copper accessories in the home over the past year. This colour can be used in living rooms and bedrooms to create a warm ambience and will continue to look great into autumn and winter. When coupled with copper pans in a kitchen or gold light fittings in an office, this paint shade really comes alive. However, this trend has already shifted slightly as more designers are choosing brass for interior accessories. So get ahead of the metallic trend by considering gold or brass for bathroom fixtures for a decor that will have longevity and continue to be on-trend for years to come.

Feeling Blue

Blue-bathroom Blue continues to be a key feature of interior design this year, but deeper shades are already increasing in popularity, with inky shades being chosen over pastels or aquas. Navy blue is a great alternative to black, as the colour effect changes in different light throughout the day so can feel cosy at night, yet modern and fresh during the daytime. Indigo tones coordinate perfectly with Pantone’s Colour of the Year “Marsala” and also look great when paired with a simple white suite in a bathroom so investing in one pot of deep blue paint could be all you need to refresh your home for spring/summer.

Art Attack

Art-attack-bathroom This year, art patterns are becoming extremely popular in the world of fashion and interior design. Therefore this trend can be included in every part of your home. From dresses and wallpaper to furnishing fabrics and crockery, colourful art designs are being printed on every surface imaginable. These patterns usually feature impressionistic brush strokes or abstract shapes and include a rainbow of colours, making them easy to incorporate into an existing colour scheme. For example, a red living room will feel brighter for summer with the addition of art cushions in a colourful paint-splatter pattern. A grey bathroom can be freshened up for spring with pastel watercolour prints. The vivid colours of art fabrics and wallpapers are an easy way to inject colour into a neutral room too, so consider installing a feature wall. Alternatively, simply adding a bright tablecloth, rainbow rug and colourful canvases will give your home an on-trend makeover without completely redecorating.

Bathroom Trends

Next we move on to the autumn/winter season. With so many interior design trends hitting the stores it can be difficult to know which will work well in your home and will have longevity over the coming years. Sometimes just adding a few accessories can bring your home up-to-date and some trends can influence your entire room scheme. In terms of bathrooms, colours and textures play a big part and you can easily get a fresh on-trend look in the smallest room in the house for very little expense. Read on to find out this season’s top bathroom trends and how you can include them in your home this winter.

Autumn & Winter Bathroom Trends

Woven textures

Woven TexturesA simple way to update your interiors is to include a few new accessories in woven textures. Chunky cable knit is popular for winter, as it lends a cosy feel to the room. Woven baskets, textured light-shades and rattan furniture will continue to be a key look for the coming year. These textures can easily be included in a bathroom scheme too, thanks to patterned wallpapers or towels printed with cable-knit. In addition adding a few woven storage baskets to your bathroom products is a simple way to follow this interior design trend.

Shades of Grey

Shades of GreyGrey has been a popular neutral choice for interior designers for a couple of years now, and this trend is continuing through autumn/winter. Choosing to update your room with a fresh lick of grey paint can inject a modern feel into your home. Plus it’s an easy, low-cost way to update a clean white bathroom suite. A new coat of grey paint doesn’t always make the room feel darker as grey tones range from off-white, through to dove grey, heritage shades and to the very the darkest chalk-board paints. Therefore there is something for every taste. Tap into a second design trend by including a couple of metallic items in brushed silver and gunmetal grey to bring the look up to date for the coming year.

Check mate

Check MateThe checked patterns and tartan prints of the ‘woodland cabin’ trend are ideal for this time of year, lending a festive flair to your rooms, and tapping into the Scottish heritage of New Years Eve. However the interior design trend for checks isn’t limited to December. This is a trend that will remain strong throughout the year. Designer Vivienne Westwood has even launched a range of tartan wallpaper which would create an excellent feature wall. In addition you can get a similar look in your home by simply adding a couple of patterned cushions in the living room, checked bedding in the your master bedroom, and tartan towels in neutral tones in the bathroom.

Folk art

Folk ArtIf you’re considering a bigger bathroom makeover project, think about adding a few handmade tiles to your new room scheme. This interior design trend will continue to run and often features hand-painted images, strong colours such as midnight blue or inky purple, and interesting glaze effects. The hand-crafted nature of the tiles you choose will stand the test of time so be sure to choose a pattern, design or colour that you love. A couple of artist-made accessories such as vases, bowls and candles can finish off the look when combined with a fresh bathroom suite to ensure that your unique items shine out as the feature of the room.

More Bathroom Trends

Colour Blocking

Vitra Sunrise Bathroom SuiteFollowing on from the trends in fashion for blocks of colour within clothing, this trend focuses on bold panels of colour on the walls. Again, this is an easy look to achieve with just a couple of pots of paint, but you will need to be careful to avoid any leaks when masking off sections of the wall. We suggest painting individual walls in different colours or using a horizontal colour block to create the impression of a dado-rail or splashback. This can be achieved with tiles at the base of the wall with a strong colour above, and you can even combine this technique with the ‘blue hues’ trend to get the best of both key looks. Colourful Tiles

Coloured Tiles

For many years, the trend for bathrooms has been a clean white suite with bright white tiles. The only colour was either painted on the walls or would be a feature colour in a strip of mosaic tiles around the centre of the room. But now bold colourful tiles are making a comeback! Forget about the peach and avocado tones of the 70s and check out the bright colours or tonal ranges available in DIY stores around the country. Consider using a contrasting grout in white – or even black! – to really highlight the colour and shape of the tiles you choose. If you’re a fan of this look, keep the paint colours on the walls white or neutral to avoid a colour overload – unless you’re going for a colour-blocking effect, that is! Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a fabulous range of both modern wall and floor bathroom tiles which will help you bring this splash of colour into your bathroom!

Bathroom Trends 1

With an constant influx of new bathroom designs the latest bathroom trends are pouring in! One trend that has stood out in particular is the freestanding bath. Over the last few years, built-in-baths have declined in popularity and some people are even forgetting baths altogether in favor of walk-in showers. However, for those that still enjoy a long soak in the bath, freestanding baths seem the type hugely in favour!

The Biggest Bathroom Trend!

Freestanding baths offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to bathroom design. You can pretty much place the bath anywhere you like, and this seems to be one of the main reasons we are purchasing them! They add an element of luxury and class to a bathroom, and surprisingly fit most budgets. This bath for example is just £266, with the quality and look of something much more expensive.

What do you think of the Freestanding bath trend? Is it one you want to follow? If any of the baths in the slideshow above catch your fancy, just click the photo to be directed to the product page.  Watch out next week for our blog about the biggest colour trends!

Also see our Guide for tips on buying a freestanding bath.

Hope you have enjoyed our Bathroom Trends blog to inspire you with your next project! Whatever your taste there will be a style out there to help you create your dream bathroom.