Spring Touches for Your Home

March is the ideal time of year to throw the windows open and let some of that spring freshness into your home. You may be considering a big spring clean or even a mini-makeover for your rooms, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to brighten up your decor for spring and summer using flowers, pastel colours and Easter accessories.

Fresh Spring Flowers

Spring is all about growth, and flowers bursting into life are a key part of this. Bring little tubs of spring bulbs into the house and watch daffodils blooming on your sideboard for an instant injection of spring sunshine in your home. Or treat yourself to a big bunch of fresh cut tulips from the market and arrange them in a vase on your kitchen table. Flowers can brighten up the bathroom too, so invest in cute coordinating pots and arrange some hyacinth bulbs on your windowsill. They will emit a gorgeous scent as they come into flower and act as a natural air freshener!


A big spring clean can often highlight peeling paint or shabby woodwork so, if you’re considering freshening up a room this spring, choose pastels for your makeover. A quick lick of paint can transform a room and pastels are quintessential spring shades, so they will help to create a feeling of freshness. Pastel blue and mint green can make a room feel brighter by reflecting natural daylight around the room, and give the impression of a sunny blue-skied day, whatever the weather! If you don’t need to redecorate, simply changing your living room cushions and bath towels for pastel yellow and baby pink versions will brighten up a room in no time.

Floral Prints

If you have allergies, or simply don’t fancy bringing fresh flowers into your home, you can get the same feeling of spring freshness by including some floral patterns in your rooms. If you’re investing in new cushions, curtains or a tablecloth this season, opt for bright flowery patterns. If you choose fabric in a colour palette that coordinates with your existing decor, you’ll create a room that epitomises spring and summer brightness without carrying out a complete redecoration. Floral artwork can also inject a little colour into even the smallest of spaces, so look out for flower-print canvases or framed images of spring blooms to hang in your kitchen, office or even the downstairs loo!

Easter Decorations

Over recent years, the trend for decorating your home at Easter has grown and now most shops and supermarkets carry a range of hanging eggs, chick bunting or rabbit decorations. These Easter accessories can be picked up at most pound stores so it’s not a huge investment but it will make your home look very seasonal. A couple of bright yellow rubber ducks in the bathroom ensures that the even smallest room is part of your Easter look, and hanging a few pastel eggs on an arrangement of twigs in a vase can brighten up any room and leave guests in no doubt that your Easter celebrations will be fun!