Stuart Turner Pumps at Bella Bathrooms

Stuart Turner has a long history of making pumps the company was established in 1906. The company has made a name for itself over the 100 years of their engineering solutions. Choosing Stuart Turner is always a good choice because you know you are investing in a name you can trust and will deliver a good product to you. The ones which we sell on Bella Bathrooms are shower pumps which are designed and made for residential homes but there is a wide range on offer.

Everyone wants a shower where they can stand and be indulged in the warm water but this is not always the case because some showers end up with a trickle of water coming out the shower head and this can never start the day right. Choosing to use a Stuart Turner pump could resolve these problems for good all you need to do is choose a place where the pump would be safe. The newer pumps uses the hot and cold water and can pump it where it needs to be, hassle free because there’s no gravity flow needed anymore. The water tanker in your house can now be either above or below the pump. The pumps come in different pressure types this depends on system you have in house depending on which type of pump you would need. To find out what kind of pump you will need it would be advised you use the internet or phone Stuart Turner to find what information you require.

There are two types of pump which would be useful to your house if have experienced problems with your shower pressure. Firstly there is the single impeller which is designed to boost single water supplies, hot cold or pre-mixed. Then there is the twin impeller which is designed for installation into both hot and cold water supplies which will boost both. The pump will help if you want a high performance shower in your bathroom so you can have the best possible showering experience.

Stuart Turner offers a guarantee on their products ranging from one year to five years on Stuart Turner monsoon. When you have your pump installed it would be best if a professional install it due to the electrics in the pump. 90% of pumps do not work correctly because they have not been installed correctly.