Stuart Turner Pumps at Bella Bathrooms

Everyone wants a shower where they can stand and be indulged in the warm water. However this is not always the case because some showers end up with a trickle of water coming out the shower head. Not the start to the day you were looking for! Choosing to use a Stuart Turner Pump could resolve these problems for good. All you need to do is choose a place where the pump would be safe. The newer pumps uses the hot and cold water and can pump it where it needs to be. This makes it hassle free because there’s no gravity flow needed anymore. The water tanker in your house can now be either above or below the pump. The pumps come in different pressure types this depends on system you have in house. Ultimately altering which type of pump you would need. Stuart Turner are at the forefront of shower pump technology and you can be assured you will have access to the latest pump products. Stuart Turner Pumps - Investing in Quality

Stuart Turner Pumps – Investing in Quality

Established in 1906, Stuart Turner has over 100 years of engineering excellence. As the UK’s largest manufacturer of shower pumps they are pioneers in the pumps market. They have earned a market leading reputation for designing and manufacturing products of quality and reliability. This proven reliability, together with the confidence that each pump is fully tested before leaving the factory, allows Stuart Turner to offer industry leading guarantees. In fact five years in the case of Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps. As a consumer this assures you that you are purchasing a product that is designed to last the test of time. We are proud to be an approved retailer of these fantastic products. In addition we can bring them direct to your door at the most competitive prices online. You will be pleasantly suprised at the vast selection of pump types available.

These will resolve a whole host of water pressure problems not only in the bathroom but indeed the entire home should you require it. There are two types of pump which would be effective if you have experienced problems with your shower pressure. Firstly there is the single impeller which is designed to boost single water supplies, hot cold or pre-mixed. Then there is the twin impeller which is designed for installation into both hot and cold water supplies which will boost both. The pump will help if you want a high performance shower in your bathroom so you can have the best possible showering experience. When you have your pump installed it would be best if a professional install it due to the electrics in the pump. 90% of pumps do not work correctly because they have not been installed correctly.

Stuart Turner Pumps - Showermate Eco

Stuart Turner Pumps – Showermate Eco

Continual investment in manufacturing capability together with research and development ensures Stuart Turner remains at the forefront of design technology and product innovation. For instance, more recently the Showermate Eco range of pumps was developed and brought to market. The Showermate Eco is a compact style of pump which is an economical option that is affordable to both purchase and run. Since Stuart Turner introduced Showermate Eco last year, it’s most competitive shower pump so far, it quickly established itself as one of the most popular entry level shower pumps available today, more than meeting its original brief to provide ‘economy without compromise’. It provides the ideal solution to boost shower performance quietly and efficiently with its neat, compact design. The Showermate Eco, which is of course WRAS approved, features a peripheral pump head design. This makes it extremely system friendly and ideal for upgrading and refurbishing new and existing showering facilities. Not only that, it also comes with a 2 years guarantee for maximum reassurance and happy showering.

Always one to want to improve, Stuart Turner has further improved the specification of its eco range. All models now supplied with built in isolation valves on the inlet hoses. Available in 1.5 or 2.0 bar twin and 2.0 bar single performance options, installers can specify the eco model in a wide range of situations. In particular smaller and confined spaces, which can be more difficult with larger pumps. For maximum quality and reliability, the Stuart Turner Showermate Eco supplies the excellence you expect from the Stuart Turner brand.

Stuart Turner Pumps - Guarantee

Stuart Turner Pumps – Industry Leading Guarantees

Stuart Turner are renowned for their quality and reliability. As testament to this enviable reputation, and to demonstrate confidence in our ‘engineering excellence’ you will find lengthy guarantees as standard. These are across the entire Stuart Turner pumps range. Stuart Turner

Industry leading guarantees are now available on the following Stuart Turner brands:

  • Monsoon – 5 years as standard
  • Monsoon Extra – 3 years as standard
  • Showermate – 3 years as standard
  • Showermate Eco – 3 years as standard
  • Techflo qt – 3 years as standard
  • Flomate – 3 years as standard

These guarantees are now offered as standard so there is no longer a need to register the pump details on-line. So no need to remember where you filed your e-mail confirmation and registration number! Stuart Turner Pumps

Stuart Turner Pumps: Quality guaranteed as standard.

Stuart Turner manufactures and inspects its production under the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. Every pump built is individually tested, ensuring they all leave the factory to the same high standards for which this pioneering company have become recognised. So when you chose a Stuart Turner pump you can be truly confident of it’s quality and reliability. Grant Ellis, Commercial Director for the company said “Our pumps have long proved exceptional in terms of reliability and we thought it was time to pass on our confidence in the design and manufacture of our products to provide meaningful and tangible benefits to our customers when investing in the Stuart Turner brand.”

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are proud to offer such a generous range of Stuart Turner pumps. Helping you create the bathroom you always dreamed of. Now you can purchase in confidence that these pumps are supported with lengthy guarantees assuring you of their top quality.