Styling Your Bathroom With Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture is a great addition to any modern day bathroom. The most common types of bathroom furniture available today are bathroom cabinets, vanity units which can also be combined to make bathroom furniture suites which combine almost all types of bathroom furniture into one while also including key fittings of any bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets are one of the best ways to add something new to your bathroom for a low cost while still proving useful. Bathroom cabinets provide you with ample amounts of storage space without taking up floor space as most can be wall hung. Bathroom cabinets are now available with many added extras with some being fitted with mirrored doors, shaving sockets and backlit lighting giving cabinets more functionality. Along with the extras to choose from you can also choose from a range of colours and or finishes such as gloss finishes and natural wood finishes such as oak. If you are looking for a larger bathroom cabinet then a floor mounted option may be better as these reach up to 2meters in height providing you with more storage space.

Vanity units are similar to bathroom cabinets in that they provide you with satisfactory amounts of storage while also allowing you to hide some parts of your bathroom such as bottle traps, piping and cisterns as vanity units also provide a mounting for certain parts of your bathroom such as sinks and a wall hung WC units. Vanity units can range in sizes from a single cabinet, commonly used for counter-top basins, up to larger units consisting of one or more cabinets and drawers. These are also available in a variety of colours and or finishes such as gloss finishes and natural wood finishes.

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