Tapping Into the Tap Trend

Installing a new set of designer taps in a bathroom is one of the fastest ways to turn it from drab to fab instantly. Sleek, understated chrome taps in modern styles or ornate gold fixtures with a more traditional look can transform the way a whole bathroom feels. Bella Bathrooms, the online bathroom expert, has a vast selection of different tap types; here we list the top three and examine what to consider when purchasing new taps for a bathroom.

Tapping into the Tap Trend

The Top Three

1. Edwardian

The Edwardian collection of taps for baths and basins harks back to an era of traditional, elaborate style. Their classic look would add a touch of old-world glamour to any bathroom, and from mixer taps with showerheads to the simpler separate basin taps, there is plenty of choice for those who want to pick this vintage theme and run with it. A chrome finish and a five-year warranty will ensure these taps remain an eye-catching fixture in a bathroom for many years.

2. Nevada

The Nevada bathroom taps are a minimalist’s dream: why have two taps when one will do the job? Ideal for providing the finishing touch to a gleaming, modern bathroom, their squared-off shape commands attention at the head of the basin or the bath, and the fact that they are mixer taps means a constant and adjustable temperature whenever they are used. The unusual lever handle is stylish and different, whilst the slim, square shower head is easy to grip and easy to store when not in use.

3. Deva Georgian

Lastly, for a touch of real elegance and class, the Deva Georgian taps range features a selection of gold taps, mixers and showerheads with white ceramic discs that bring to mind high-end powder rooms from the 1920s. The perfect accompaniment to a gleaming white bathroom, these gold taps offer an element of classical interest to the room and would perfectly complement a delicate golden chandelier and a selection of vintage candlesticks. They are a great finishing touch, and their unusual design is bound to attract admiring comments from the guests who use them.

What to Consider When Buying Bathroom Taps

The first thing to do when choosing luxury bathroom taps is check the water pressure. The majority of traditional taps work fine with standard water pressure, but the mixer taps with showers fitted need a higher level of pressure to perform at their best. Ask a plumber or the local water company if you’re unsure of how to go about this.

Once this has been verified, the style can be chosen. There is a simple rule of thumb here; choose small taps for small fixtures (such as cloakroom basins or bidets) and larger taps for the larger fixtures (like baths). Also ensure a sense of coherency throughout; don’t opt for traditional separate taps for the basin in a chrome finish, then choose a glamorous mixer tap with a shower in a brushed matte finish. Finishes can range from sleek satin to brass taps, and each has their place within a unique interior, so choose wisely and match the existing décor.

At Bella Bathrooms we have a full and extensive range of taps available to keep you on trend!