Textiles in the Bathroom: Do You Dare?

Textiles in the Bathroom, do you dare?

The bathroom is not the first room in the house where people would think to add texture to their interior design. Smooth tiles and smoother baths and basins are the choice of many designing their own bathrooms, and this often gives a sleek and elegant finish, but adding texture can completely change the feel of the room – quite literally.

What should I consider?

Textiles In The Bathroom

The first rule of adding texture is to keep it simple. Throwing in silk, velvet, stone and exposed brickwork would be a sure-fire way to make any room look a mess. Do not try and incorporate too many different styles and themes; choose two or three textures that will work in the environment and don’t let colour or pattern overtake. Opted for a vintage bathroom? Choose a velvet-topped stool to place in front of your antique dresser, and perhaps add a silk cushion for a lovely contrast in textures. Going for something pared back and minimal? Exposed brickwork gives a great industrial feel, and porcelain tiles create great, glassy sheets of block colour.

How can I add Texture?

Texture can be added not only through a variety of bathroom accessories, but also by using the walls and the floor to their highest potential. Shun lino or vinyl floors and get the bathroom tiles with a magnificent natural stone, which can then be carried on up the walls. Tiles are available in authentic patterns and textures that look wonderfully natural, and can help to create a very organic type of bathroom. Combine with a plant that likes humidity, a floral piece of wall art or a set of wooden handmade toothbrush holders and soap dishes for a room with plenty of textures, just like the natural world.

How can I add Textiles?

Textiles are something that many people seem to shy away from in the bathroom; many are of the opinion that if it isn’t a microfibre towel, it has no place in the room and could potentially get ruined. Carpeted bathrooms might not appeal to everyone, and in hectic family homes a carpet might not last long with regards to its appearance when being constantly splashed with water, so adding a rug is the next best thing. Whether investing in a huge, fluffy rug to place by the bath, or a patterned piece for the area near the basin and toilet set, a rug is a great way to add an extra element of texture to a room. The same goes for everything from curtains or blinds, to the bath towels themselves.

Colour can also be used to create a sense of texture and depth in a room. White bathroom suites, whilst undeniably chic and elegant, can also look a little flat and dull without any depth. Choosing a contrasting colour will help the room appear more dynamic, and using different shades and tones of this colour helps to offer a sense of texture.