The Bath Necessities – All You Need to Know About Baths

The bath nesesities

bathWhen it comes to buying practical objects for the home – the everyday bath is an important purchase. Because of its sheer size it often finds itself the focal point of any bathroom, so careful choices over size, style and material when buying a new bath are important particularly if you are hoping to sell on your property.  If you get it right you can create a feature for your bathroom whilst adding a touch of luxury to your space. A standard size measures 1700 x 700mm but in any space allow at least 700mm of space alongside your tub for comfort when getting in and out of the bath.

Cast iron roll tops are still seen as a very desirable feature of both modern and traditional bathrooms; their sheer size and weight make them a prominent feature that screams classic luxury. As a material cast iron is certainly durable, and although may cost more than others, a cast iron bath can boast sound-insulating qualities and promises to keep bath water warmer for longer. The Victorian inspired roll top remains both practical and striking, as an added bonus many designs can be painted the colour of your choice to fit any design scheme.

‘Cast Iron’ and ‘Roll Top’ are often thrown in the same sentence together, but there are other material options if you fancy a freestanding feature. The term ‘acrylic bath’ did once connote cheap and simple, but a wide range of modern acrylic designs means you can choose a practical and stylish bath to suite your needs. Thanks to the characteristics of acrylic, manufacturers can make all different shapes and dimensions at reasonable cost including freestanding or double ended models if you want to make a eye catching feature for your bathroom. Acrylic’s lightweight nature means you can opt for the largest size possible in your space –a large cast iron version will be harder to manoeuvre and may require reinforced flooring.

A sunken bath might sound like a feature best left to a Roman themed hotel but can work very well if incorporated into the right scheme. Whether partially or fully sunken, pairing it with smart, modern tiling will result in a bathroom meant for true luxury. Corner baths are becoming increasingly popular in properties where space is limited. If you want to avoid the boring monotony of a rectangular version, a variation in corner baths create clean, curved lines in any modern bathroom. Whilst a tapered bath will help make a narrow room appear wider, if you haven’t room for the longest bath opt for depth for a relaxing bathing experience even in the smallest space.

A whirlpool bath is the ultimate pampering treat – once associated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the whirlpool styles are now much more affordable and available is a range of sizes.  Consider setting your whirlpool bath onto a raised dais for true hotel-style glamour. See our exclusive range of whirlpool baths online today.

bathAlthough bathrooms are the ultimate place for relaxation and enjoyment, remember your bath must be practical too – a double ended bath maybe useful for bathing children together in the busy family home, or an acrylic shower bath offers the best of both for the busy professional. Thanks to the vast range of shapes and styles you can mirror the tone of your house when choosing a bath - arched windows will compliment a freestanding, oval shape whilst a traditional Victorian terrace will suite any variation of the roll top types. In a room where windows are in abundance you must place your bath carefully as ultimately whatever the shape you can’t beat bathing with a view! With so many options to choose from on the current market you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to designing your dream bathroom space.