The Festive Season at Bella Bathrooms

Festive Bathrooms

The bathroom will need plenty of attention to ensure it is in a fit state to entertain guests this festive season. So if you, like many people across the country, will be hosting guests and loved ones this Christmas, it may be wise to make sure that your facilities are in prime condition, as well as plumping cushions in the lounge and fixing that faulty light switch on the landing. Bella Bathrooms, the bathroom experts, explain how you can get your bathroom primped and primed ready to host your loved ones this December.

Whether you are prepping a dedicated guest bathroom or ensuring the family bathroom suite is ready for guests, there are plenty of things you can do in order to make them feel at home.

Christmas Bathroom Tidy Check-list:

1.Cleaning the Bathroom

The first thing to do is give the room a deep, intensive clean. The toilet, basin, shower enclosure and bath should all be clean and disinfected, with cleaners that don’t smell too chemical-based or abrasive. Try and opt for natural-smelling products, and endeavour to check beforehand if guests have any allergies to certain chemicals or cleaning products. Pull on your marigolds and clean inside the bath, shower enclosure, toilet and basin, and get behind fittings like the toilet to ensure there is no lingering dust and dirt. Vacuum and mop the floor, wash the shower curtain, or perhaps replace it altogether for a gleaming new look.

2.Stock up on Bathroom Essentials

Next on the list is to top up the essential items for your guest. Toilet paper is obviously one of the most important; make sure it is placed somewhere visible so that guests don’t have to spend their time rummaging through cupboards in a moment of need. One of the best ways to ensure guests have access to everything they need is to place some kind of basket or box in a noticeable position in the bathroom; fill it with a travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, a shower cap, a bar of soap, moisturising lotion, a razor, and anything else they might need. It is also prudent to make sure there are cotton buds or wool, clean, fresh flannels and essentials such as plasters, tweezers and toothpaste all on show.

3.Tidying Inside Cupboards and Cabinets

After all the essentials have been presented in an eye-catching way, turn to your cupboards and medicine cabinets. Guests do have a tendency to rummage and snoop, so try to remove anything old, messy or potentially embarrassing from the cupboards and storage areas. In which case, it’s an idea to move the items they will most likely be looking for to the front; painkillers, hand lotion, face wipes or floss are among the most common items found here.

Once everything is set and in place, it’s time to get ready and welcome your guests, show them around and enjoy the festive season!