The process of choosing the appropriate Shower Door

A key part of a shower enclosure is the shower door available in a variety of colours sizes and shapes to help you select the perfect choice for you. The important process of choosing the appropriate shower door can be highly influenced by the size of room you are wishing to place your enclosure in. There are four main types of shower doors including Pivot, Hinges, Bi-Fold and sliding door each have their own advantages. Along with the type of door you need to decide if it is framed or frameless again each giving their own advantages.

Pivot and Hinged doors are very similar to each other as they both open outwards away from the frame of the enclosure. With hinged doors being fitted to the frame of the side panel like a standard household door and pivot door being fitted to the top and the bottom of the frame allowing them to pivot on a single point. Medium and large shaped rooms are more recommended for anyone buying an enclosure that has a pivot or hinges entrance. This is because additional space will be needed for the opening of the door.

Sliding doors are better suited for larger bathrooms, As the door has a slide function in one length of the panel, sliding shower doors are actually larger than other enclosures . Along with standard sliding doors being available containing the traditional square/rectangle enclosure, sliding doors can also be bought for quadrants and bow enclosures usually in 2 door form, again requiring a greater level of space.

Finally Bi-fold doors are the option to go for if you want to save space as these require the lowest amount of space needed to open. This type of door usually splits up into separate panels which are hinged together and fixed to the bottom of the frame allowing them to slide back and fold into the corner of the enclosure. This process tends to occur within the enclosure itself providing almost no space requirements in your room. The types of shower doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms and en-suites.

Once the door has been selected it is important to then choose the suitable shower enclosure. The rest should then only be made up from side panels and the shower tray therefore the only thing you need to decide on is size and style.  At Bella Bathrooms we stock a wide range of shower doors within each of the four categories allowing you to find the ideal choice for you.