The Modern Bathroom Suite: Trends of 2013

The modern Bathroom Suite trends of 2013

Everyone wants their bathroom to be bang on-trend, right out of the pages of an interior design catalogue, but what are the hot trends for the modern-day bathroom? What are the top colour schemes, the must-have accessories, the most wanted tile materials? Join Bella Bathrooms as they run down the top trends in bathroom suites for those who want a slick, modern bathroom that will be the envy of all their guests.

What are the Top Trends for Bathroom Suites?

Modern Bathroom Suites


Firstly, let’s focus on colour. Where bathrooms are concerned, opinion is divided. Many are of the opinion that bathrooms are the place for rich, opulent colours, or for bright citrus shades that create a very specific atmosphere in the room. Others believe that blissful white bathrooms are the way forward, and it is those in the latter camp that are winning out so far. The majority of best-selling models for bathroom suites are the pure and simple white version, with cream and ivory following close behind. This is for a number of reasons. The neutrality of the white means that other accessories and colours can be switched around almost at will, meaning the bathroom can get an update every few years. White bathrooms are also important for resale values. Having plenty of white also has the advantage of making a bathroom appear larger than it is; a common theme in many modern day bathrooms.


Though many picture modern bathrooms to have sleek curving lines and a no-fuss, minimalist design, the most popular types of bathroom suites right now are actually more classical than you might expect. Think claw-footed, free-standing baths, pedestal sinks and Edwardian style shower heads. Of course, all of these features are combined with the latest technology for a modern touch; the free-standing baths can be kitted out with whirlpool accessories, pedestal sinks can have LED lights on the taps to indicate water temperature, and the old-style shower heads conceal high-tech electric showers with numerous different settings.


Where the actual bathroom furniture is concerned, the general trend is to move away from the traditional three-piece suite of toilet, bathtub and basin. Many people are spicing up their bathrooms with shower enclosures, bidets and multiple basins. The traditional bath is not so popular anymore, with people choosing L-shaped baths, sunken baths, free-standing bathtubs and corner baths in order to fit perfectly with the layout of their dream bathroom. This leaves more room for personalisation in the bathroom, allowing the owner to make their mark on the room and ensure it is functional for the whole family whilst retaining an element of style. There is such an array of bathroom furniture now available that you will be spoilt for choice when you check out our range here.


Lastly, there are the fittings. They are the finishing touch of all bathroom suites, and they should reflect the existing theme of the whole room. For those with a classical, vintage-looking bathroom, brass-look taps and faucets are the big trend, but for the more modern looking bathrooms, you are more likely to find high taps, often mixer taps, with sharp angles and clean lines.

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