The new and innovative Mira Agile Shower

Mira showers are one of the most highly regarded shower manufacturers and Bella Bathrooms pride themselves on supplying their customers with the highest quality showers  available and the most update technology on the market. So when it comes to making updating a bathroom even easier for our customer Bella Bathrooms want to provide you with all the information you need and the best products for the job. Mira Shower have announced their new Mira Agile Shower range which comes with an innovative installation guide for easy fitting and set up. One of the key developments within this range is the inclusion of the clever pipe spacer and tile guide.

Mira Agile Showers

This pipe spacer and tile guide will help you fit your shower valve with ease as the spacer mean you can see your pipes are level to receive the push fit valves on the shower. A handy tile guide means fitting the usually difficult and tedious job of lining up and measuring your tiles is effortless. After your tiles are fitted and ready all that’s left to do is attach the valve back plate and collets, push the valve on and tighten the grub screws for an impermeable seal and your finished. It’s as simple as that!

The nature of the valve design means you have a clean cut trouble free finish. Bella Bathrooms was built on the promise of only supplying our customers with the best products and with the introduction of Mira’s Agile Shower range we can keep fulfilling that promise to our customers.