The Renovation of an En-Suite Bathroom

The renovation of an En Suite Bathroom

Cloakroom Suites

There is no need to sacrifice style when renovating a smaller space such as your en-suite bathroom or cloakroom. In fact, a smaller bathroom can look incredibly smart and stylish if the right design is applied to it. There are ample suites especially designed to completely transform a small space into a miniature luxury bathroom haven. The clever space saving designs now available provide a variety of storage solutions that can help to keep your bathroom well organized and clutter free.

With the right bathroom furniture installed, you can save a vast amount of space as well as improving your bathroom organization. Adding a vanity unit suite to a small bathroom can not only provide you with that much needed storage space, it also has the ability to hide unsightly pipe work to keep your bathroom looking immaculate and completed.

Specially designed compact toilets and basins may seem like a small alteration, but again they can save that much needed extra space and create a very minimalist, stylish feel too. Wall hung furniture can save you valuable floor space as well as creating a stylish spacious look. Mirrored cabinets give you two uses in one unit, as well as reflecting both natural and artificial lighting to create a more open, spacious feel. Bella Bathrooms provides excellent quality bathroom furniture for every size suite at an incredible, discounted price. Explore our range of furniture from leading designers and manufacturers such as Hudson Reed, HiB, Rak and many others.