The Right Size Wet Room

When you add a wet room to your home, you not only vastly increase its value; you also create a very luxurious, spa like escape in your home. Wet rooms are increasing in popularity all over the world as they offer a sensational showering experience, and they really transform the way that you see showering for the future. That is why if you are planning on adding one to your home, you take time finding the right one.

Before you begin looking for a new wet room, you must ensure that you make your bathroom space completely water tight so that no leaking will occur. Once you have done this, you may find that you will require a shower enclosure to complete your wet room. At Bella Bathrooms we offer an extensive range of shower trays to fit your bathroom space perfectly. With almost any size, we are confident that we have the perfect shower tray for you and your home.

As well as this, we also offer a generous range of showers and even the perfect wet room. Mix and match from our extensive range of the finest quality shower enclosures to transform your bathroom today. For further wet room inspiration you may be interested in taking a look at our blog which gives you 8 ideas for creating different wet room looks.