The Ultimate Guide To Digital Showers

When it comes to selecting the right shower, you might find yourself inundated with options when it comes to functions, style, cost and brand. It can all feel a bit overwhelming. Although the focus for today is digital showers, there’s also electric, power and mixer showers to choose from. Let’s say you have decided on a digital shower, that’s an important first step but you’ve still got a lot of options to consider in order to refine your search and find the most enduring option. After all, buying a new shower is not something to be taken lightly. It can often be a lifetime investment, so think carefully and make sure your choice will last into the future.

First things first, the practical part: you need to take into account your boiler type, water pressure and how many people use the water supply at any given time. Other considerations include just how powerful you want the water supply to be and how essential decadent design is to you; are you opting for something classic, contemporary or a fusion somewhere between the two? You might find that you have a lot of specifications and deal breakers or you might be more open minded to whatever comes your way. Having an idea about what you want is very important to ensure you aren’t disappointed with the outcome.

Digital showers are perhaps the most ultra-modern and innovative of all choices for those with a penchant for cutting edge design that incorporates full functionality, powerhouse practicality and styles to die for. Here’s how to find the right digital shower for your bathroom using our guide to tech-filled showers:

What do I need to Consider when Choosing a Digital Shower?

    • Digital showers are the latest innovation in the modern range of shower designs and technology whether you select a pumped, un-pumped, electric or mixer mode. That means you’re investing in a staple that is light-years ahead of its predecessors.


    • Research is key. There are a lot of brands on the market so figure out how much you want to spend, what features are necessary for you and which aren’t and what kind of overall look you are going for. Use the internet, ask friends and family or even have a quick look around other people’s bathrooms to get your imagination ticking. If you know someone with a digital shower, ask them how much it cost and what was the deciding factor for their purchase.


    • The water that powers your digital shower is sourced from a small processor box which fuses your hot and cold water supply to your desired temperature using thermostatic means. This eradicates any unwarranted and unpleasant temperature surprises, shocks and spikes when someone washes their hands downstairs. It’s useful for a shower experience that cannot be interrupted and is not influenced by what others are doing with the hot and cold water elsewhere, making it a highly convenient option for parents with small children.


    • Digital showers contain processor boxes that can either be stored in the shower enclosure directly or hidden from view depending on your preferences.


What are the Main Benefits of a Digital Shower?

    • Many digital showers incorporate wireless and/or Bluetooth technology enabling you to install the unit from up to 10 metres away. This optimises sense of control and enables users to control the water supply before they enter the shower to get the temperature just right.


    • With digital showers, you can pre-programme water temperature which is ideal for those of us who struggle with the hot and cold water taps to find the right temperature. Both water and time are wasted with clunky, outdated systems that take time to get it right; digital technology eliminates so much fuss and inconvenience. The time you save hopping in the shower before work or after the gym is well worth investing in.


    • Many digital showers include an assortment of enviable additions including touch screens, LCD displays, colour coded lighting systems, eco-friendly settings and separate remote controls. With so many functions, the key thing is that they are easy to use and effortless to control. The entire experience gives you complete authority and autonomy over your shower experience.


    • Digital showers don’t shirk when it comes to style. There are so many sleek and stylish options available meaning that whatever kind of bathroom you wish to cultivate, you’ll find one that perfectly blends with your specifications. Digital showers are some of the most stylish and bang on trend on the market right now. All of those technological advantages haven’t detrimentally affected the shower’s right to be aesthetically pleasing.


    • Digital showers are available in various forms, from mixer to electric, so you can still find a shower that fits in with your way of running things.


    • The flexible control panel means that you needn’t upset your wall tiles. This is such a useful option because often new updates and additions disrupt already established décor which can be a little disabling and upsetting when you’ve already invested a lot of time and money into getting things right. This inoffensive, unobtrusive option is a great alternative to the whole overhaul approach.


  • Giving you greater control over temperature is not something to shake a stick at. As we get knee-deep into winter, setting your shower to the right temperature and knowing what you’re going to get when you step in is simply essential for many people. Long gone are the days when people had to manually twiddle the hot and cold water tap for hours on end to find the right setting, only to have to start all over again when they next turn the shower on. Such innovative technology remembers your settings so that there are no nasty surprises next time you shower.

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