Thermostatic Showers from Mira

Mira ShowersMira Showers is one the UK’s leading companies when it comes to all things showers and we are pleased to offer them as part of our range of showers. No surprise when they are the 5th largest research and development investor in the consumer durables sector in Briton. It was the first company to integrate thermostatic technology into their showers, which actually happened in 1935. The technology has moved on since then; allowing the thermostats to have faster reaction times. The now modern mixers can react to adjustments within 0.25 seconds changing both the supply pressure and temperature so that the water is not to hot or cold.

When you have the thermostatic system installed, you will be able to take a relaxing shower without and nasty surprises. Often is the case that another person in the house turns on a tap or flushes the toilet that your shower can be spoilt with a shock to water temperature change. This can no long be the case if you choose a mixer shower.

Mira showers are proud of their work and personally test the technology they use themselves so that they are confident you have an outstanding product. Take a look at our range thermostatic mixer showers today to see if you can find what you are looking for. Still unsure about a Mira Shower? Give our customer service team a call for all the advice you need, remember they are only a phone call which could help. Bella bathrooms has a Mira Shower for every situation and for every home. Find your perfect shower online at a great price today!