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Mira Showers – Innovative Designer Showers

Mira Showers

Mira ShowersMira Showers is one the UK’s leading companies when it comes to all things showers. We are pleased to offer them as part of our range of showers. They pioneer the latest showering technology and bringing out an endless stream of innovative designs. Mira aim to make your shower experiences relaxing, and the very best that they can be. A shower is a crucial element in every daily routine. Therefore the showering experience should be as revitalizing as possible. We aim to bring you an extensive range of top quality showers to choose from.

Whether you are showing to wake up for a busy day ahead, or showering to relax at the end of a hard day at work, Bella Bathrooms will provide you with the perfect Mira shower for you and your lifestyle. No single shower is the same; therefore we provide an extensive range of the finest quality Mira Showers. They are the 5th largest research and development investor in the consumer durables sector in Britain. It was the first company to integrate thermostatic technology into their showers, which actually happened in 1935. The technology has moved on since then; allowing the thermostats to have faster reaction times. The now modern mixers can react to adjustments within 0.25 seconds. Changing both the supply pressure and temperature so that the water is not too hot or cold.

Mira Showers - Designs

Mira Thermostatic Showers

When you have the thermostatic system installed, you will be able to take a relaxing shower without and nasty surprises. Often is the case that another person in the house turns on a tap or flushes the toilet that your shower can be spoilt with a shock to water temperature change. This can no longer be the case if you choose a thermostatic mixer shower. Mira Escape Electric ShowerMira have been delivering “showering perfection” for some time now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Their range of Thermostatic Electric showers in the Mira Escape range provide a sleek and simple design. This is combined with the typical functions and features you expect from top of the range electric showers by Mira.

Choosing a shower is a key part of designing and creating your perfect bathroom experience. Taking into account things such as prices is key, but you must also be aware of the features you will be receiving for the price. Many showers may look the part but lack the features required for a safe and enjoyable showering experience.

Mira Sport Shower

Mira have taken proven Mira Sport Thermostatic technology and combined it with a sharp minimalist look. Slim line chrome handles are in place to change the temperature and shower settings. These are thermostatically controlled ensuring a constant, comfortable showering experience. The four spray shower head comes with rub clean nozzles for reduced limescale. In addition the easy cleaning design mean it can last much longer than conventional showers. For added peace of mind Mira have included Sensi-flo™ technology as standard. This means that should there be a blockage or a failure within the shower the heat will be switched off immediately protecting the user from scalding.

Mira really have thought of it all, so much so that when you shut it down it will do so gradually. It flushes any remaining hot water from the tank for both safer showering and to reduce the limescale buildup.

Mira Showers - Sport Range

Mira's Re-Engineered Sports Range

Mira's re-engineered Sport range is one of the many examples of their commitment to design innovation. It is particularly recognisable in the new range of Sport Multi Fit and the Sport Max. The new Sport Max technology includes the world’s first Airboost technology. This device increases the size of water droplets to enhance the level of flow without using more water. This feature works by pumping air into the water steam and therefore enhances the performance without reducing flow. The Multi-fit feature allows installation to be easier and eliminates the complexity which will allow customers to easily upgrade.

The Sport Multi-fit is ideal for replacements for 99% of all electrical showers. The Multi-fit features both 9.0 or 9.8kw versions. All new showers feature new fittings which also enhance the performance. This is due to user views that effective showers contain good power derived from the shower head. Their new range will provide a boost for anyone wanting a new and improved shower.

Mira Agile Shower

Mira Shower have announced their stunning new Mira Agile Shower range. It comes with an innovative installation guide for easy fitting and set up. One of the key developments within this range is the inclusion of the clever pipe spacer and tile guide. Mira Agile Showers This pipe spacer and tile guide will help you fit your shower valve with ease. The spacer mean you can see your pipes are level to receive the push fit valves on the shower. A handy tile guide means fitting the usually difficult and tedious job of lining up and measuring your tiles is effortless. After your tiles are fitted and ready all that’s left to do is attach the valve back plate and collets, push the valve on and tighten the grub screws for an impermeable seal and you're finished. It’s as simple as that! The nature of the valve design means you have a clean cut trouble free finish.

Bella Bathrooms was built on the promise of only supplying our customers with the best products. With the introduction of Mira’s Agile shower range we can keep fulfilling that promise to our customers. Mira showers are proud of their work and personally test the technology they use themselves so that they are confident you have an outstanding product.

Take a look at our range of Mira showers today to see if you can find what you are looking for. Still unsure about a Mira Shower? Bella Bathrooms has a Mira Shower for every situation and for every home. Find your perfect shower online at a great price today!