Things To Consider Before Buying A Shower Enclosure

If you are planning on adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom, whether or not it is a complete bathroom renovation or simply replacing an existing one, it is crucial to consider important elements of enclosures to ensure you get the perfect one to fit your bathroom.

A shower is much more economical than a bath due to the reduced water consumption. They are a quick and easy alternative to a bath and offer a way to feel revitalized before work or bed. Before looking into buying a shower and enclosure, don’t forget to ensure you have a good enough water pressure. There is a wide range of shower pumps to increase the pressure to your shower, however if you have a combination boiler installed, this may not be an option.

In terms of the shape and size of your enclosure, the options are endless. The most popular is a cubicle which gives you a good amount of space and fits in nicely to the majority of bathrooms. It is also important to choose the right door to go with your enclosure. The one you choose will depend on the space you have available. Other options are a quadrant, rectangular or perhaps bow-fronted. You will need to measure out the space you have available in your bathroom before looking for an enclosure. If you are replacing an existing enclosure, to save vast amounts of time and money, install your new enclosure where the old one used to be. This ensures that all of the required plumbing is already installed. Don’t forget to tile the wall of your enclosure before installation for the perfect finish in your bathroom.

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