Tiles for Small Bathrooms

When you have a small bathroom it is often is a hard decision whether or not to be as minimal as possible or to go all out on your bathroom and use every bit of space you can. If you have a small bathroom it would be a good idea to stay away from large bathroom tiles. Read our blog about bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms for further inspiration! Small Bathroom Tiles

Tiling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Finding the right sized tile is important this is why there is two pieces of advice for you in terms of your tiles. Top advice would be to use very small tiles or medium to small size range. Using small tiles can make the room look bigger but also light hitting the tiles will brighten up the room making it seem bigger, this is why lightly coloured tiles would be a good option in a small bathroom. Not everyone likes to have small tiles so this is why we suggest a medium to small sized tile which still makes the bathroom appear larger.

Our range of tiles ensures you have variety no matter which size of tile you are searching for. After you have made that decision on what size tile you are going to have then you can plan colours and shapes. There is a lot of choice when it comes to the tiles because you can get different materials to choose from such as ceramic, glass, slate and marble. There is a lot more on the market also but these are the more common choices for people to use in their bathroom. For a small bathroom it is a good idea to use small slate because it has the expensive feel to it and makes whoever is in the bathroom good because it will remind them of a luxury hotel suite.

Bella Bathrooms are now going to be stocking tiles from British Ceramic Tile; these have a wide range of tiles available to suit every bathroom. So now there is no reason why you cannot maximise the potential of your bathroom.