Toilets and Bidets

Toilets and Bidets

toiletWhen deciding on a toilet you need to think of a few things, height of the pan, height of the cistern, also whether or not you would like your cistern on display or cleverly concealed in the wall. If you want your cistern hidden, you then have the option of if you want a back to wall toilet, which as the name suggests sits flush against the wall, or a wall hung toilet.

These are usually attached to a false wall or a cabinet, where the concealed cistern either sits in the cabinet or is sat in a mounting frame that is attached to the other side of the wall. The thing to remember with a wall-hung toilet is that the wall needs to be sturdy enough to hold up the cistern frame, which will then in turn hold up the toilet.

Toilets come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any bathroom style that you desire, whether its traditional your after – in which case a normal exposed cistern will keep the character of the room, or a very modern look – where a concealed cistern is essential for the minimalist look. On the other hand you may be looking to maximise the space you have, for example in a cloakroom, in which case a corner toilet may be best teamed with a smaller sink to prevent the room from looking cramped.

When thinking about toilet seats you have a few options, from traditional wooden or plastic to a few more up-to-date ideas like soft closing and novelty toilet seats. The style you choose is going to depend very much on what style of bathroom you are going for, as a novelty toilet seat in a traditionally styled bathroom is just not going to look right!

BidetsBidets don’t generally get used for the task that they were invented for, but they are great for many other uses; washing feet, soaking underwear, and cleaning up whilst potty training toddlers. If you have the space then they are always a good idea. You can choose between wall-mounted or floor standing. Wall mounted is going to create the illusion of more space as there is a space between the bottom of the bidet and the floor, however if you have a floor standing toilet then this is not going to be as effective as if both are wall mounted. Then there is the question of it being tap-filled or supplied from under the rim. Tap filled is going to be the obvious choice if you are generally going to be using it for purposes other than what it was made for. The only things to look out for are that it is plumbed in correctly with hot and cold water and that there is enough space either side for your legs.