Toilets from around the world

Travelling the world is something which everyone has the desire to do in their lifetime, and using toilets is something everyone does along the way. When people come across something unusual they are likely to take a photo so they can show others what they have seen. We often hear stories about a well designed or oddly constructed building when people travel. This leads us to wonder do people notice the public restrooms which people use daily, or do they disregard the design or novelty factors? Also could designer toilets or public restrooms be considered a piece of art? Searching the internet has allowed us to source some pictures of great experiences people have enjoyed about an unusual rest room. We wanted to find out more about these situations because it’s all very well sat in the office knowing the toilet a few doors down, with its additional disability features but people around the world are toilets with views from cities and mountains with incredible heights.

Different Toilets across The World:

A mirrored glass toiletThis toilet is a piece by Monica Bonvicini which is called ‘Don’t miss a Sec’. The toilet is open to the public and the mirrored glass is see through from the inside. The toilet first hit the street in 2003 as an experiment to see if the public would use it. No need to worry using this one though nobody can see inside!

Toilets made from bamboo Thanks to the Urine Diversion for their work, within the third world countries and helping the communities to sanitise the villages. More projects in Malawi are place to get every village a toilet to improve their way of life.

Toilets on the RiverThese toilets in Vietnam certainly make life easy with their unique ‘sail-thru’ feature. Locals can simply sail on by jump out their boat nip to the loo and be back on their way. Thanks to a photographer from Moscow for this unique sighting.

Toilets that were flooded at Glastonbury 2005Everyone loves music and we’re would we be with those yearly festivals. Only one downfall about a festival can often be the Great British weather can let us down. The toilets you would find at a festival are not always the best but they are something. Glastonbury 2005 shows sometimes they are just unusable!

Inspiring Toilets From Around The World!

Namsan Tower BathroomThis is a public restroom in Seoul, South Korea. This photo is taken from them Namsan Tower where the bathroom views are that popular it is advertised in the elevators. The view is of the city, Seoul and looks spectacular on an evening due to the city lights down below.

Mount Everest ToiletLiterally on the edge this photo is taken en route to the Mount Everest Base Camp. We have a Photographer from Australia to thank for this image. The stop off place is wisely placed using the slop from the hill side to its advantage.

Desert ToiletThe Namibian desert is home to this unusual location for the WC. NamibRand Nature Reserve houses this WC unit however it doesn’t have a lot of privacy but I am sure the open view makes up for it.

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