Top Tips for Creating a Luxury Bathroom

Moods KanukaNew research from home insurance provider Aviva has found that a luxury bathroom now ranks highest on the list of things that house-hunters would most like to see in their new home. A high-end luxury bathroom is one of the most desirable elements for buyers, with other features like underfloor heating and ceiling-mounted speakers also making the wish-list. Whether you’re planning on buying a new home, renovating a property to put on the market or simply searching for ways in which to brighten up an existing space, try our top tips and turn a dreary shower room into a blissful sanctuary…

Tips to Help you Create a Luxury Bathroom:

Taps and Shower heads

Wall Mounted Bath FillerOne of the easiest ways to add an element of high-end luxury to a bathroom is to install new bathroom taps and a designer-esque showerhead. Having cheap fixtures and fittings can really ruin the sense of an opulent environment. Investing in elegant faucets with unusual designs can give a bespoke, personalised feel. Even if you have to reduce the budget elsewhere, consider fitting a circular ‘rainwater’ showerhead along with gold or silver taps for the bath and the basin. You’ll marvel at how the bathroom is suddenly transformed with these simple additions.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom DownlightsLighting is a key component in any space but particularly within the bathroom, which may have little natural light. Most bathrooms tend to have frosted glass and minimal windows for privacy purposes which means you’ll have to work a little harder create sufficient light and an even illumination. Dispose of fluorescent tube lights which can be too harsh and clinical in smaller spaces and invest in spotlights or downlights on the ceiling and on the underside of cupboards. A few strategically placed scented candles beside the bath can be incredibly relaxing and add a spa feel. Don’t overlook your bathroom lighting choices as they can have a huge impact on the overall look of your bathroom.


Frontline AquamodeGetting rid of clutter in the bathroom is a quick way to turn it from messy family bathing space to relaxing spa environment. Invest in adequate storage when fitting a new bathroom; a spacious mirrored cabinet is essential for storing everything from toothbrushes to tweezers. The extensive range of bathroom furniture now available provides storage solutions for every size and shape bathroom. Don’t forget that you’ll need to have enough space for family-sized towel storage to maintain the final streamlined appearance. A heated towel rail is an elegant and dual-purpose option but if the budget won’t stretch even something as simple as an over door hanger or enclosed hamper will do the trick.


Light BathroomLastly, consider the bathroom’s colour scheme, keeping in mind the purpose of the space. If you are a single person or one half of a couple, and you enjoy rejuvenating showers rather than long, steamy baths, refreshing and zesty yellows or greens in the bathroom can add a sport lux effect. Those who enjoy languishing in the bath for hours on end with a book and a glass of wine might appreciate a rich burgundy and gold colour palette, which is unusual but still elegantly indulgent. Family bathrooms, bathrooms shared by a number of people or those which might be sold on at some point in the near future will benefit from neutral colours, with all-white fittings and one accent colour which can easily be changed depending on the home’s inhabitants.

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