Tips On How To Paint Your Old Vanity Unit

Of course, we’d love everyone to be buying new basin vanity unit. But quite often a simple paint job and a bit of creativity is all you need to recreate your bathroom vanity! Plus. this saves money and gives you the chance to redo the bits of your bathroom that really are falling apart. So what we’ve done is pull together our top tips for ensuring the best vanity unit renovation possible. We hope they help…

  • Always use a paint color that complements your overall colour scheme in your bathroom. Before you get carried away with painting, make sure you’ve tested the colour and know it’s exactly what you want.
  • Ensure you correctly prepare the surface of your vanity unit. Before painting make sure the surface has been sanded, and prime the wood before hand if the paint requires this. (Instructions will be on the manufacturer tin). Otherwise the whole job could end up a total mess.
  • Do not skimp on paint quality. It is not worth saving a few pounds to end up with “cheap” looking results, right?
  • Use Clean or new paint brushes. Using old dirty brushes will only result in an uneven, messy finish, so purchase some new brushes (and remember to wash them after).
  • Take your time to plan and execute your project – There is no point rushing if you want the best results possible! Make sure you’ve planned the process and have enough time not to rush.
  • Change up the handles, too. Painting your tatty vanity will obviously make a huge difference however try changing the handles as well for a completely new look! Local DIY stores will have many at affordable prices.
  • Take a Before & After photo of your vanity unit! This will ensure you can notice the difference and be proud of all your hard creative work! Tweet Us your results! – We’d love to see them!

Make sure you take a look through the slideshow for some vanity unit inspiration! Oh, and if you really can’t face painting then we have some white gloss bathroom furniture that will fit your bathroom perfectly.