Triton Shower Pre Installation

Triton have a decent selection of showers for you to choose from but what else should you consider before installing your new shower?

Can accessories such as showerheads, brackets for the riser rail, showerhead holder and hoses be purchased direct from Triton?

Yes, you can purchase shower accessories and spare parts direct from our Spares Department or alternatively you can visit our online spares shop.

Do you offer an installation service for your showers?

No, Triton manufacture and service shower products but do not offer an installation service. We recommend suitably qualified trades people undertake the installation.

How much water does each type of shower use?

Electric showers use between 3 and 10 litres per minute depending on kW rating, the ambient temperature of the cold water entering the shower and the showering temperature selected.

Mixer showers generally use from 5 to 30 litres per minute depending on the available water pressure. Flow restrictors supplied with most mixer showers will, if fitted, provide economical flow from the shower on high-pressure water supplies.

Power Showers consisting of a mixer and booster pump will use between 10 and 16 litres per minute.

Is it possible to have a fixed overhead shower with a Triton bar mixer shower?

Yes, there is a range of Triton bar mixer showers available with fixed head accessories including the Mersey bar mixer.

What is the advantage of a thermostatic mixer shower over a manual mixer shower?

A thermostatic mixer shower provides a stable showering temperature when pressure or temperature changes occur in the water supplies i.e. when other taps are turned on in the property. If there is a total loss of the cold or hot water supply, there will be no maintained spray of water from the showerhead.

A manual mixer shower does not react to changes that occur in the supplies and will not prevent changes in showering temperature or hot water flowing from the showerhead if there is a loss of the cold water supply.

What is the safest type of shower for a family to use?

Thermostatic showers offer precise temperature control, making automatic adjustments when water supply conditions alter thereby preventing any undue change in showering temperature.

If you want to know more about the range of electric showers available then check them out online today.