The Ultimate Guide to Wet Rooms

With the increasingly hectic nature of modern life, contemporary society has shown a significant preference for the efficiency of showers as opposed to the indulgent yet time consuming process of taking a soak in the bath. As such, the rise of the wet room has been making quite an impact in the homes of those wishing to blend style and class with practicality and convenience. So what exactly is a wet room and is it the right choice for you when choosing a bathroom suite? Read on for our ultimate guide!

What is a wet room?

Put simply, a wet room is essentially a bathroom which features a tiled floor for the ultimate in contemporary convenience. If the entire room has been sealed, the need for a shower screen is completely abolished.

What are the advantages?

Space saving

Thanks to the lack of shower screens and bulky baths, wet rooms are a fantastic space saving solution for small homes and en-suites.

Easy to clean

The absence of fittings and fixtures means wet rooms are incredibly easy to clean. Throw a wall-hung toilet and floating basin into your wet room and the cleaning process will be an absolute breeze!

Increased safety factor

For those requiring easy shower access, wet rooms are ideal. Thanks to the lack of shower tray and non-slip flooring, they are perfect for wheelchair users as well as those with disabilities and young children.

Aesthetic value

As well as being practical, wet rooms are incredibly stylish and will add undeniable wow-factor to any home. The wall to ceiling tiling, minimalist fixtures and open design oozes simplicity and contemporary elegance.

Increased durability

Thanks to their waterproof nature, wet rooms are extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks. This means less maintenance and will also keep your bathroom looking newer for longer. In the long run, this has the potential to save you both time and money.

Other things to consider:

The benefits of wet rooms speak for themselves but is there anything else you should consider when thinking about installing one in your home? Let’s take a look…

Drainage and tanking

Due to the lack of water restraints, it’s important that your wet room is waterproof and has an efficient draining system in place. If not, you risk hefty maintenance and repair costs due to leakage and water damage. The most effective way to waterproof the room is to install a sealed tanking membrane underneath the floor and behind the walls. You will also need to incorporate a slight gradient into the floor in order to channel any water that escapes the shower or sink area.


As with any bathroom, it is important to keep wet rooms well ventilated in order to prevent mould growth and foster a healthy air flow. This can be achieved by opening windows or installing an extractor fan.

Floor tiles

As the entire room will be subject to water coverage, it’s important to choose non-slip tiles in order to prevent any accidents and injuries. Natural stone or mosaic style designs are ideal while high gloss tiles with a polished sheen should be avoided at all costs.

How much should I expect to Spend?

Your wet room expenditure really depends on your budget and what quality finish you want to achieve. At Bella Bathrooms, you’ll find some amazing deals on wet room suites and fittings that will keep costs down without compromising on style! Do keep in mind that you will also need to consider installation costs and the price of standard items such as the sealed tanking membrane.